10 things Indian students miss about home, when studying overseas

by Bella Williams June 19, 2020

Though there are innumerable occasions and things about your home town that you will miss everyday during your stay in this foreign country, here is a list of the most prominent ones.

Mamma’s food

This is probably the first problem you will face here in this foreign land. No matter how many fine dishes you get to try here, nothing can match the taste and quality of your mom’s cooked dishes.

The local slangs

No matter how many stylish slangs you learn in a foreign accent, nothing can beat the charm of cursing a friend with a pure desi slang. But one of the major benefits of staying in a foreign land is that you can use innumerable slangs at anyone you like and the best part is that they won’t even have a clue to what you are saying. Next time when you get furious at someone, try this!


Innumerable occasions and things about your home town that you will miss


The vibrant Indian festivals

Even if you attend a hundred of carnivals and rock fests, Dusshera, Diwali, Id and holi or any other local festival will always find a special place in your heart.

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When you need to do the chores

Starting from simple household chores like laundry, cooking, sweeping the floor to cleaning utensils and arranging the bookshelves, you will miss the comfort of your home like hell. It is during this time you will realize how tough it might have been for your mom to manage all the chores.

A tip for you: Sharing your room with a rich brat will relieve you from a majority of these chores.

When you are sick

These are the times when you will miss your home the most. When you suddenly realize that there is no one to run fingers through your hair and sit by your side for the whole night, even in case of a simple fever, heartache is expected.

When a local guy fights with you

‘Dare you come out of the college, I will make sure you lose all your bones’ will be the line you will miss the most during fights with local guys and you suddenly find yourself helpless in a new place without your gang and best friends to take care of your enemies.

Your love

Staying without your sweetheart is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things to do. But thanks to Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp and a number of other such options you can at least kiss and hug each other virtually. Just imagine how tough it might have been for students who were in your place 10 to 15 years back.

Cheering for India amongst tons of crazy Cricket fans

Be it Virat Kohli’s sixes or Dhoni’s amazing decisions or Ashwin’s match turning spell, you will miss crazy Indian fans and your gang a lot on every occasion India plays an important match.


Innumerable occasions and things about your home town that you will miss


The hometown 

If you have been a social creature in your native, then starting from the endless addas, fighting over petty issues, watching live matches at a local bar with friends to roaming around the town with your gang there are innumerable such small yet precious memories which are bound to make you restless in a new place.

Your best buddy

Whenever you feel low, rejected, and emotional or frustrated, you will miss that idiot the most. After all, not everything can be shared with new friends.

No matter how nicely you adapt yourself to this new place among new people and culture, a part of you will still continue to miss your motherland, hometown and close ones.

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