10 Things Which Shocks An Indian Punjabi Student Coming To Australia For Studies

by Bella Williams June 19, 2020

A new place always brings with it many new experiences. Be it the people, the food, the parties or the environment, every little thing will seem to differ from your hometown; especially when you cross continents to reach here.

But adaptable by nature, Indians do not find it difficult to adjust to changing circumstances. However, initial shocks and surprises are on the cards when you move into Australia from India.  This post is all about how a person from Punjab feels in his first few months in Australia.

Beer, Beer And More Beer

Not everywhere you get the chance to taste this awesome drink in your hometown. But once you land in Australia, beer flows like lime juice.

Stringent Traffic Rules

You will be shocked to see how strict and systematic the traffic rules are! No overtaking or rash driving allowed.

australian traffic signs

Summer Vacation During Christmas

If you find a notice on your university website that says ‘happy summer vacations’ in December, do not be surprised, as Australian seasons are completely opposite to yours, thanks to its geographical location in the southern hemisphere!  So while you are enjoying the sight of sexy babes at the beach your friends might be freezing back home. Lucky you!

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 They Are Cool And Relaxed

Yes, they know how to handle complicated situations without losing the cool. Share a room with an Aussie guy and learn to tackle exam stress in a relaxed way.


 Indians do not find it difficult to adjust to changing circumstances


Police 😐

The strictness of the local administration is something you will definitely not like here. So think twice before breaking the rules.

australian police

How They Don’t Fight Over Petty Issues

Yes, here you won’t see a mob of 500 odd people of adjacent localities fighting over who passed comment to the girl first.

A Never Ending Relationship Lasts Just A Little Less Than Your Semester Term

If you expect to get a DDLJ (a famous Bollywood romantic movie) kind of relationship here, than you are at the wrong place! Or even better, you are at the wrong age!

Non-Judgemental Neighbours

Yes, even if you become a model after studying archeology, you won’t find your neighbour pinching you every single time you meet them!

non-judgemental friends

Small Is Trendy <3

It will take some days for you to digest the fact that is practically possible for girls to roam confidently in shorts, minis and micros.

Nobody Says “Get Married Now !”

Yes, ‘concerned’ relatives do not exist here! In marriages, receptions and parties you will be surprised to see that nobody is actually bothered about your wedding plans.

get married scene

The Bold And The Beautiful

Yes! The bold, independent, sexy and carefree babes are surely gonna blow your mind off in the first few months of arrival. Gradually you will learn to act maturely.


 Indians do not find it difficult to adjust to changing circumstances


 The Mesmerizing Sun Baths

Before you experience your first visit to sea beaches, it is recommended to carry a pacemaker, in case you need one! Till date the views which were accessible to you only via the internet and television are now going live in front of your own eyes! A shock is just a small thing you can expect in return.

australian beach sunbath

Having said these here it is worth mentioning that there will be numerous such occasions where the country lifestyle, culture and people will continue to amaze and in certain cases shock you. But at the end you will love the experience for sure.

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