13 reasons why Asian girls find Aussie guys sexy

by Bella Williams June 19, 2020

Aussies are known for their cool and adventurous attitude. Except a few boring mortals, the majority of youths are sporty and like to live life at the edge. This makes them impressive in the eyes of girls coming from other parts of the world.

Here you will know the reasons why Australian guys are liked and loved by Asian girls.

1) They are adventurous

A sport loving nation full of energetic people is expected to be impressive.  There are no short of adventurous and energetic guys who love to live life at the edge.

 2) Good physique

It is a fact that Australian physique is impressively equipped with good height and balanced BMI. And those who are in sports or any physical training are a treat to the eyes.

3) Sexy eyes

Woo! Those killer eyes!

4) Accent

Australian accent sounds cool, especially when you are new to this place. A cool accent coupled with a toned body is always a deadly combination.


Why Australian guys are liked and loved by Asian girls


5) The free rides

And this includes free entries to discs, road trips, parties and many more. Dating is always fun, especially when you get someone to take care of your expenses.  Can there be a better option than to have a boyfriend in a country which is completely alien to you!

6) Their dad’s luxurious cars

Who wouldn’t want to roam in a trendy imported car that too in a foreign country! And the easiest way is to have a local guy. Apart from picking and dropping you to and from your apartment to free road trips around this beautiful country there are hell lot of advantages!

7) Open minded

Aussies are open- minded in many respects which is a desirable quality when it comes to choosing the perfect guy for dating. The ability to accept new ideas and philosophies makes them a good choice as lovers.

8) Their passion for sports

One of the main reasons why Aussie guys attract Asian girls is due to their love for sports. Be it Rugby, cricket, Hockey, tennis, football or any other sport they are into everywhere. This is a reason why average fitness of Australian guys is good.

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9) They do not have huge families

Most of the modern Australian families are nuclear. So for girls who feel awkward to face joint families it is a boon to spend a quiet weekend at his place among a few family members.

10) Sense of humor

Except a few robots and aliens generally Aussies are witty and have a good sense of humor.  So your Aussie boyfriend can assure you a healthy heart.

11) Unlimited Fun

Be it a hardcore DJ night or a quiet, private outing or picnic, you won’t be bored when you have an Aussie partner by your side. Fun is always on the cards.

12) The party goers

Most of the Aussies are party animals which makes them a favorite choice when it comes to dating. Roll on the beach, booze all day long, flaunt your dancing skills, or do anything you want! The best part is you will always find your guy complementing your crazy activities.


Why Australian guys are liked and loved by Asian girls


13) A chance to learn surfing

Yes, surfing attracts a lot of young girls coming from other parts of the world where this sport is only seen in calendars and televisions. Watching handsome dude surf like a pro is a great turn on for girls.

These are a few facts about the Aussies which impress foreign girls. So if you are planning to move into Australia you have some good reasons to fall for a hot Aussie.

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