A Case Study Of Google

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Corporate Social Responsibility


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Write a Case Study of Google

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Google was founded in the year 1998, and it has grown to serve millions of people across nations (Google Annual Report, 2009). Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the search engine which they named as Google. Since its inception, Google has been striving to develop and enhancing the knowledge and lives of individuals and to address the challenges prevalent worldwide such as climate change, removing poverty,  and address public health issues (Stocker, Burke, Kennedy, & Wood, Sustainability and climate adaptation: Using Google Earth to engage stakeholders. , 2012). Google has a wide range of stakeholders as this company has a varied number of products. This company owns a diverse range of product, and those include Google Search, recent products such as Google Glass and Google Fiber Internet and cable television service (Tippey, Sivaraj, Ardoin, Roady, & Ferris, 2014).

Corporate social responsibility refers to the relationship that exists between international companies, national governments, and citizens of any specific nation. Thus corporate social responsibility can be referred to the association that prevails between the organization and the society in which it has been functioning.  (Zu, 2009).  Another definition of corporate social responsibility states the relationship between an organization and its shareholder, employees, and suppliers. Google like all other organizations also has been complying with corporate social responsibilities in order to ethically appropriate and sustain long term competitive advantage.



The most important objectives of corporations are to make profit and business. Thus every organization has its own corporate financial responsibility which drives an organization. In other words, it can be stated that corporate financial responsibility has been the most crucial bottom line driving force. Additionally, it also has been found from various studies that commitment toward the local community, society, environment and conducting business in an ethical manner also lays a very significant role in developing a business.  This driving force is known as corporate social responsibility in which corporations are required to perform their business in an ethical manner and remain responsible towards the people, society and environment. (Hunnicutt, 2009)

The significance of CSR Activities

In this competitive business scenario, a strategic approach to CSR is increasing. In terms of risk management, cost savings, access to resources, customer relationship, innovation, and human resource management CSR initiatives are found to be effective. Moreover, the customers, as well as other stakeholders, also can find the ethics and values that the company has been following or order to be socially responsible which again leads to customer dependence and the level of trust on the organization.

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