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Assignment Criteria

Write a lesson plan for teaching grade 2 children the concept of fractions and how fractions are used in everyday life?

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Assignment Solution

Lesson Plan

Fractions Grade 2                                                                                            

Learning Objective(s): 

  • To introduce students to the concept of fractions.
  • To help students understand what a numerator is and what is a denominator.
  • To familiarize students with examples of fractions.
  • To help students recollect everyday examples of fractions used in daily life.


  • Word Processor
  • Display Chart
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils/ Markers


Lesson Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Opening Activity (15 minutes): Generate a Know Wonder Learnt chart for fractions by asking students about their prior knowledge of fractions. Brainstorm with students about their prior knowledge of fractions and make a note of it in the Know part of the chart. Next move to the questions they have regarding fractions and list the questions they would like answered at the end of the unit on fractions. Display the Know and Wonder part in the classroom with the learnt part to be filled in at the end of the unit on fractions.

Stating Objectives:  “Today we are going to look at the concept of fractions. Fractions are used to count and use things that are less than whole, for example, part of a pizza or a cake. When we need to use things that are less than whole, we count them as fractions, and we can add, subtract and divide fractions just like ordinary numbers. A fraction has two parts a numerator and a denominator.”

Guided Practice (15 minutes): The class will watch a video on fractions that explains the concept of numerator and denominator.


The teacher will distribute the word processor to special students and notebooks to other students. 

The teacher will help the special students to use the concept mapping software to record the ideas about fractions already discussed in the KWL chart and assist other students in writing down the KWL chart in their notebooks. 

Vocabulary Strategy: Special students will be guided to open their multitouch textbooks and find the parts on fractions where they can access the dictionary to find the words numerator and denominator. Other students will make a note of these in their notebooks.

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