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A Progress Report Bachelor of Business Co-operative Education

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Word Count

7000 words


Business Information system


8 Days

Assignment Criteria

Discuss the significance of your role and the value that you have added to your CPO.  Consider your personal attributes, your performance in the role (with evidence) and how your role has contributed to the broader objectives of your CPO.

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Assignment Solution


Role significance: Information flow is a crucial part today in the business parlance. The changes in the technology, both in the infrastructure and the supporting software are fuelling the growth of information systems and its role in the overall business process. My role in the past few weeks revolved around leveraging the information system facts to aid the various business processes and revenue models of STC. While the first four weeks helped me get used to the working culture and macro-level understanding of the business processes of STC, the last 4 weeks were spent in digging deeper into avenues where STC can explore in the next 5 years. In this way, through multiple engagements, I have broadened my knowledge by reaching the level where theories and concepts bridge with the business models, thereby shaping the company's future. This knowledge, experience is broadly in the fields of broadband tariff models, using technology to create flexible teams, cloud computing and engaging the owned network assets/resources for higher utilization and higher PAT.

Analysis of information technology services and associated tasks performed

(a) Broadband technology upgrades and the competitive market: Broadband speed and supporting offerings are growing at an increased rate leading to higher up-gradation costs incurred by STC. The broadband offerings are priced at the right levels with the help of latest market insights, which help in capturing the premium that the market is ready to pay for STC services.

(b) Cloud computing: With the advent of newer technologies, along with the fact that information plays a higher role in each module of a company's business processes, newer technologies constitute a growing margin of IT expense in the overall budget. Cloud computing revenue models with the new security enhancements are helping customers to make their IT budget leanest (Buyyaa, Yeoa, Venugopala, Broberga & Brandicc, 2009). For a telecom company like STC, it means evolving itself to the needs of the industry faster than its competitors.

STC is presently focusing on leveraging its offerings with cutting-edge technologies to provide higher value to its customers, thereby helping them grow faster in the globalising economy. My understanding of cloud computing and related theories helped me understand where the business model works from end to end. Each technology, when comes to business use and meets a purpose, gets funded more and hence develops faster. Cloud computing has helped companies pay only to the extent of usage of different services without making a significant expense up front. This places the companies in a better position to deploy or disengage a certain service whenever they feel like doing so. This also helps in making use of the servers owned by many companies as data centers, and churning revenue by renting out idle resources to cloud marketing companies. This angle helped me analyze some business processes of STC like 'enterprise on cloud' and how this can be improved further to add more value to clients and customers.

This field helped me understand how the economies of scale of cloud computing services can help the small scale industries to make use of best technology and provide flexible services for their clients. For instance, STC is designing end to end solutions for small scale logistics companies to help them deploy enterprise solutions in a piecemeal manner. In this model, it was observed that STC works as the infrastructure company, especially in the cloud services and works with enterprise solution consulting companies like Accenture and IBM to file for tenders for new age enterprise implementations or upgrades. This encouraged me to explore the partnership engagements of STC. As per discussions with the Infrastructure Services Manager at STC, it was clear that while STC plays the infrastructure solutions role in the implementation process, it has plans in the future to play a more end-to-end role of organic or inorganic growth, so that the end customer does not have to deal with multiple vendors to get the same work done.

Consultations and discussions

All the above tasks involved finding the right person to approach and discuss various aspects of STC. Networking with heads and employees of different domains in the IT, HR and Marketing departments was the key to successful understanding of STC. I also worked collaboratively with other interns, instilled with a motive to add value to my COP.

The transmission model of communication was used to communicate with the different stakeholders (Mohan, McGregor, Saunders, & Archee, 2008). According to this model, the message should be communicated in such a way that the content and intent is retained from messenger to receiver. I was alert and constantly cautious of misinterpretations of my discussion with senior and junior employees alike.

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