Academic Writing Annotated Bibliography

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Word Count

approx. 150 words each


Annotated Bibliography


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

Research the topic of the essay and write an annotated bibliography using 8 relevant resources (approx. 150 words per reference source). Students are to use the APA referencing system to complete this assessment.

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Assignment Solution

1. du Preez, I., & Fossey, A. (2012). Developing academic writing skills as part of graduate attributes in undergraduate curricula. South African Journal of Higher Education, 26 (2), 346-357.

This article focuses on the integration of graduate attributes as a part of the higher education curriculum for academic writing, mainly in South Africa. It discusses the importance of employability skills, especially written communication of graduates required for their functioning in an organisation. The main argument put forth is that the university is responsible for inculcating such skills among its students to enhance their ability to succeed professionally. The authors have developed a conceptual framework that analyses the existing practices and determines the gap in teaching writing skills in higher education institutes and makes necessary changes to their curriculum such as setting learning objectives and defining the assessment criteria for written assignments.

This article helped in answering what is academic writing, what are the factors that are assessed in a written assignment, how to write and stick to formats and how written skills have to progress each academic year for an individual.

2. Haigh, G. (2006, February). How Google is Making us. Retrieved April 4, 2017, from The Monthly Magazine:

Online search engines help writers to search and locate content suitable for their topics. The author focuses on the operations of Google search engine and its wide usage in academic writing, as a tool to search for evidence. The advantages of Google are its speed, precision and reliability. However, the main disadvantage is its focus on content-based on-site visits and clicks, which has left a majority of content unexplored. The author argues that behind the perfect impression of the website is a deceit which is commercially focused. Further, the relevance ranking algorithm for search results depends on the appropriate keywords input for the search term. The major concern among tutors is that it facilitates plagiarism as thousands of free content are available. This article helps in determining the difference between Google and other content databases and how to be careful in selecting keywords while conducting research on a topic.

3. Huang, C.W., & Archer, A. (2017). 'Academic literacies' as moving beyond writing: Investigating multimodal approaches to academic argument. London Review of Education, 15 (1), 63-72.

This article emphasises on the multimodal composition of academic literacy rather than focusing only on academic writing. Its arguments are based on the characteristics of write-ups such genre, discourse and the medium of communication. Moving from the conventional methods to the multimodal approach has created an opportunity for students to test different genres in academic writing.  It shows the intricacies of discourse, including the organisation of content, evidence to support the content and citation. Applying a multimodal approach has given a different perspective to discourse, offering a re-mix approach to understand the importance of citation and referencing. Authors have pointed out that constraints and affordances of different media used in writing. Implementing digital technologies has shifted the focus from the final output to content development practices. This article gives a clear description of academic literacy, discourse and medium and how a multimodal approach is suitable during this digital age which would help in developing arguments.

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