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Word Count

2000 words




3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Part 1:

Please provide a written response to the three points listed below for six of the nine lectures provided to the whole ALS group. Do not include the introductory or concluding lecture.

  1. One sentence summary of the purpose of the lecture.
  2. Identify three key points of the lecture.
  3. Reflect on what you have learned from this lecture and how you can make use of the insights you have gained.

Each response should be about 125 words (i.e. 6 X 125 = 750 words).

Part 2:

Please write a reflection of each of two of David Crystal's lectures: 'The future of Englishes' and 'Language Death'.

Consider what the key message is that Crystal gives you, and what questions this raises in your mind.

Each reflection should be about 225 words (i.e. 2 X 225 = 450 words).

Part 3:

Please write a reflection of each of the four episodes of Empire of the Word.

Consider what you have gained from each of these episodes.

Please write a reflection of about 225 words (4 X 225 = 900 words).

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Assignment Solution

Task 1:

Lecture 1:


The lecture revolves around a basic introduction to the concept of 'Translanguaging' with an explanation of the linked terminologies to the concept and outlining the practices of Translanguaging.

Main Points: 

  1. The concept of Translanguaging is a broad umbrella with several related concepts like code-mixing, code-switching and translation.
  2. The concept of Translanguaging has majorly come in with the need for multilingualism and need to learn a second language.
  3. The human brain functions with limited rules to learn the language. The same has been considered a way for fast adoption of a new language.


The concept of Translanguaging seems to be important when analysed from the perspectives that promote communication. The learning from the session helped me decipher that the process promotes the use of various languages known by an individual to express better. 

Lecture 2:


The lecture is a continuation of the lecture on Translanguaging. This lecture majorly has covered the practical aspects of bilingual proficiency and translation.

Main Points:

  1. Academic writing proficiency has been found to be the highest among students from China.
  2. A student's proficiency in translation could be considered to be a reason for language development expertise in students. Hence the university should promote the teaching of the translation process.
  3. Metalinguistic and metacognitive efficiency demonstrates a higher efficiency in English, along with the first language.


The lecture majorly brought out results by means of an analysis of proficiencies in multilingualism, translation as well as metacognitive efficiencies. Such a session proved to be quite energetic and self-awareness, in the above-mentioned areas could be enhanced as part of the session.

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