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Andrew’s Office Automation Decisions And Managing People Dynamics

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

2000 words


Business Strategy


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Evidence-based treatment strategies

Reflect and apply

One of the responsibilities of being a carer is to ensure patients take their prescribed medication as a failure to do so can result in relapse. However, many of the drugs prescribed for the treatment of mental health conditions have adverse side effects. For example side-effects associated with antipsychotic medication can include:dry mouth, excessive and unexplained weight gain, and sedation severe enough to interfere with daily activities.

  • Reflect on the challenges potentially facing the mentally ill individual, families and carers.
  • Medication and comorbidity
  • Whats to say medication is the answer?
  • Share your thoughts with other students in the Module 4 forum. 
    • Post a new discussion (100 words)
    • Reply to at least two discussions started by other students (50 words each)

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Assignment Solution

Opinions and Reflections on Andrew's Decisions:

The case describes Andrew Bindon joining a Car Rental company as the operations manager. Focusing on productivity, new Information Technology resource purchase is planned by him. Such a decision may lead to depletion of people resources (Robbins & Mukerji 2014). The connected talent resource has financial commitments with respect to his car loans.

In my opinion, the decision to automate the office would have a positive impact on business continuity. A good IT asset that maintains the CRM would help in customer retention, and increase sales (Rosen 2014). Software that helps run payroll would ensure auto credit, maintain time sheets, and date track every event. Automating car rental schedules would make operations easier and productivity higher.

Talent resources are precious. Managing people and preparing them for change could be a challenge. However, change is important. The purchase of IT resources could lead to work termination for an employee (Sengupta 2010). The action plan of excellent leaders was being people-friendly. The leader of Qantas, Mr Joyce, named among the top leaders in Australia, ensured the pilots who had no jobs with his company, found an opportunity to work through joint ventures.


  • Improved Productivity: Office Automation and purchase of IT assets would ease work. Human Resources would be developed and supported (Rosen 2014). The errors could be minimised.
  • Customer Relations: Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Most of the CRM these days have the best practices as labels in their forms to know how the competitors retain customers. Customer opinions and interactions could be recorded. This would help in good customer care and lead to repeat business (Sengupta 2010).
  • Payroll and Maintenance: Having an ERP or and IT package to run payroll would ease a lot of work. It ensures auto-update of time schedules. It shows the attendance record without data entry. The salaries could be auto-credited for a larger number of people at a single operation. It gives opportunities to roll back and process salary advances.
  • New Stakeholders: Considering the future loss of jobs. Stakeholder relations could be improved. Joint Ventures with Car manufacturing units that would have sales of second-hand cars could be considered in future (Sengupta 2010). This would not only pave the way for future business and operations but also give the person who may lose his job an opportunity to find a job with a vendor or a business partner.

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