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Australia Is The Most Americanized Nation

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TOPIC- It has been claimed that Australia is the most Americanized nation in the world. Discuss

I want it to follow an essay structure format, with no sub-headings, it must have introduction, body and conclusion. minimum 4 references please use Chicago style referencing (footnotes)

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In the recent times, Australia has become the more Americanized nation in the world. There have been many reasons for this, and the most important one is considered as the 9/11 attack on America. It has given the world a hot debate to be indulged about the future of American foreign policy and its nature as well. No wonder in saying that whatever interests America interests the whole world. And thus it has become a matter of global culture and politics. Australia is deeply engrossed in its military, economic and cultural powers as it is known as the most Americanized nation. Its 2003 Fulbright Commission conference in Brisbane had a central theme to a debate entitled 'Are we all Americans?' They were trying to get to the point where the global Americanization is going to lead the just entering second nation state Australia. At the same time, there can be a possibility of American statehood for Australia. Australia's emerging men power and the education system are making it stronger. Today Australia has become the first priority for the international students who want to go abroad and pursue their higher studies. Australia's economic conditions have started getting a bigger chunk from the international students. There are many reasons behind it being more Americanized (Mosler 2004). 

Marginson (2006) speaks about the dynamics of competition especially in higher education which is related to the national and global competition as they keep feeding each other. The aim to be the producers of positional goods so that social prestige and income-earning can be accessed in better ways. The openness towards the international students and their receptiveness are the signs that Australia doesn't just making its education internationally renowned but also making its own students fit to survive in a global scenario. The universities are selective to admit students so that their research performances can increase rapidly apart from the student teaching job. In the global era and competition, we see the beginning of a positional market prevailed throughout the world in US or UK universities for elites, but the commercial mass market's development is led by either UK or Australian universities. American universities which used to be the leading for the commercial mass market's development is being replaced by the Australian universities. One important reason is the research capacity. The multi-cultural environment in Australian universities has increased its research capacity as there are different brains to work from a different background. The dominance of English language in the global era, especially dominated by US universities contributes a pattern of one-way global flow. In this paper, the author shows the system segregation and global entry in Australia and discusses how it is becoming more Americanized. It is being shown that Australia has got a more balanced global distribution in terms of capacity. It is obvious from its international market. The percentage of international students in Australia is growing day-by-day; whereas, it's still difficult to make it for America for an international student.


Millmow (2005) says that Australian economic in the twentieth century is a crucial factor in respect to its Americanization. The author demonstrates this by discussing two important periods in Australian economics. Where the first is concerned with the mobilization of native economics expertise in the development of policies to handle the Great Depression scenario, the other is concerned with the rise of neo-liberal policy or Australia's economic rationalism. Australia's old issues of idiosyncratic tradition have largely been resolved by internationalization. The contemporary Australian economies have succeeded in attracting the young minds, unlike its inter and post-war period. Australian economics starts from 1925 when it was founded as Economic Society of Australia and New Zealand. It was regarded very poorly before that. Before it was formalized, it had an amateurs' vein. It was only theoretically taught in the classes of Workers Educational Associations (Heaton 1926). It usually came from university economics but was also related to conventional economic ideas. It somehow managed to survive the first century of its beginning. The main research areas were privatization, urban and infrastructural development and an aging workforce. Groenewegen (1979) has argued for the split in Australian economics between heterodox and bourgeois. The contemporary debates among the economists of Australia are going about how far the primacy of market should be upheld. Argy (1998) has called it economic rationalism between hard liberals and progressive liberals. And the priority has been given to solve the issues of unemployment. Argy also argues the policy prescriptions are initiated not from the value judgments but from the standard economic analysis which is not entirely correct. It should also employ one's deductive reasoning. Most importantly the values that provide the rationalist perspective of the world involve the freedom of each individual and it should be matched against the cruel and oppressive power of the state. Australia's growing economy has helped it in getting the American ways and adopting more Americanization in the nation. It has started developing all the skills and power that it needed to be Americanized.

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