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Business Communication Assessment 4

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Word Count

2000 words


Business Communication


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

1. Introduction

Organisational communication involved information transmission in which the employees gather relevant details about their organisation and happenings occurring within it (Husain 2013). The key objective of communication in organisations is to inform employees about their assigned jobs and the policies of the organisation (Spaho 2011). This report analyses the concept of intercultural communication in an organisation based on the interview with one of its employees. A selection criterion is used to select the interviewee, which is discussed in the procedure section. Based on the interview, the procedures adopted in the organisation are identified. The findings are analysed, and the conclusion is derived. Based on the analysis, recommendations are given.

2. Procedure

This section outlines the selection of the interviewee and the organisation involved.

2.1. Organization Background

GUM is an energetic team of Australian and international students who speak around 30 different languages. The main task of this team is to welcome international students each year and assist them in adjusting to university life in Australia by organising community events and activities. It is considered as one of the best ways to practice and increase proficiency in English, make new friends, exploring the campus and familiarise with the Australian environment. This organisation conducts on-campus activities, networking events and day trips throughout the state. It acts as a diverse peer-support network for students from different cultural backgrounds. 

2.2. Interviewee

As a part of this report, the Marketing and Communication Officer (MCO), a volunteer and an unpaid job of GUM was interviewed. The primary responsibility of the MCO is event promotion and sharing student experiences with potential and new students through different communication channels. The details of the upcoming events are discussed fortnightly with the management staff and volunteers are assigned to related events. The MCO works with a team of volunteers so that responsibility is shared during the events. The MCO is also involved in the creation of marketing and communication assets such as posters, photos, videos, flyers, blog posts to be shared in social media platforms and notice boards.

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Assignment Solution

Every group member is accountable for their own knowledge and learning. However, the key purpose of the group activity is to assist each other to gain knowledge and bring out better outcomes in the activities. The group performance depends on various factors (Nijstad, 2009). These factors impact the process as well as the outcome of the activities. Our group studied and prepared the report on the topic, 'The report of Employee Satisfaction's Evaluation and Solution Based on Human Relation Model'. There are various positive and negative factors that contributed in performing or preparing the report. This report is the performance review of the group, which will identify and analyse various factors that contributed to the preparation of the report ( Harvard Business Review, 2015).

Innovation: The group faced unexpected challenges. One of the biggest challenges was to understand the Human relations model. However, the group members were very resourceful in exploring the topic, understanding and comprehending well in each of their parts. Each member established good innovative methods such as group interactions, evaluation method, which includes getting feedback from team members for their work. The group displayed imagination and original thinking for their work. They contributed with suggestions to each other’s work to improve their group work.

Problem Solving: Each of the group members genuinely researched all the information on the topic of employee satisfaction and tried to develop the best possible report. However, few group members faced problems in understanding certain concepts such as aspects of human relations model. As it was not their part of work in the report, these group members were little reluctant in taking the initiative and learning. Hence, the participation and initiative in learning and problem-solving circumstances in some of the group members were lacking.

Teamwork: For any group task, it is essential for the group members to perform in a team. This helps in completing the task on time and produce efficient work (Nijstad, 2009). From dividing and assigning each part to the group members till the consolidation of the final report, there was excellent teamwork in the group that helped the team to prepare a report on this topic at ease. Further, at the end of the report, we followed the team analysis theory by analysing the work done by other team members and provided suggestions (Nijstad, 2009). This helped us to analyse and improve whatever went wrong.

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