CIS5302 Analytics Business Analyst’s Report on Virtual Elder Care Home

by Dr. Alan October 09, 2018

Analytics Assignment Samples

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Assignment 1

  • Project Journal-Develop and maintain a project journal for this phase of your project with date, a summary of activities undertaken, actions completed and actions planned.
  • Draft a problem/opportunity definition
  • Define options to address problem/opportunity
    Structure options in a table with pros, cons, risks, expected costs, benefits
    Write a System Vision statement
  • Write the Objectives for the project
  • Write a scope statement – list what is in-scope and what is out of scope.
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and identify all persons, groups and institutions who may have an interest in the project and the nature of their interest
  • Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS)
    Analyse the project and produce a 1-page Work Breakdown Structure
    Draft an interview agenda for your interview with the CEO, refer to the text and online for examples.
  • Provide an “AS IS” process using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) or UML (Unified Modelling Language)
  • Develop a “TO BE” process using BPMN or UML

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Assignment 2

  • Using the system information and the TO BE process
  • Write a list of the key functionality of the system (write a functional and non-functional specification)
  • Build a product backlog for the system by decomposing the features into stories (using Agile format “As a …. I want to …. so that..”). Product backlog should be in a spreadsheet format
  • COMPARE YOUR AS is and to be diagrams to prepare a briefing note for the Organisational change and Training Team regarding the anticipated business impact of the system. You should make recommendations on how these business impacts can be managed.
  • From a business, perspective categorise the backlog using the MOSCOW method and identify the stories that make your minimum viable product
  • Develop a screen design for two MUST stories created in Task 10 and identify any business rules; justify your design.
  • Write all acceptance criteria for these two stories to be done.
  • Write a Job Description for a Business Analyst.



TASK 1.02 Draft a problem/opportunity definition

The modern Chinese society is undergoing several changes, from a closed economy; it is beginning to open its doors to the foreign world. With economic changes, come changes in lifestyle, which are deeply influenced by the interactions with foreign cultures? A similar trend can be seen in the Chinese society. Some of the age-old philosophies such as [the] “Confucian philosophy, filial piety

Scandals are beginning to appear in this effort by the Chinese government, which requires a major overhaul, which can be possible only with the implementation of a sound system, as Americans have done. All the processes are electronic in nature, and records too are kept digitally.


TASK 1.03 Define options to address problem/opportunity

With the population age increasing, and China’s one-child policy, it has been estimated by BBC UK, that, in the next 50 years, China’s population of older people (estimated at over 65 years) will more than quadruple in size compared to its 2012 figures. (BBC, 2012). The 4-2-1 phenomenon, where a child will have to take care of 2 parents and 4 grandparents are going to be a major problem in China then. (BBC, 2012) Thus, to address the problem of old age care, the government brought in the initiative of Virtual care to the old, but, it has been besieged with one scandal after another, mainly due to the lack of any proper reporting mechanism or system in place. The Chinese government can look to install an automated system that would coordinate the various parties in this project, and maintain a proper record of activities, and money.

The system that will be in place, must be technologically advanced, which shall not be an issue with China. (Hout & Ghemawat, 2010) The system will have the provision to automatically receive calls, and transfer it to the relevant care section of the Care Facility. (For example, if an elder person calls for regular check-up visit assistance to a health care professional, he or she can simply press the relevant option button on the automated call, and be transferred to an operator who would assist them. There will also be three to four special numbers for emergency response, and all the regular number will have the option number 1 to be the emergency response extension number. The other care options can be numbered between 2 to 8.


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