Communication in Organizations Assessment Report 4

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Word Count

2000 words


Communication in Organizations


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

In this report: 

  • Include a section which describes the company and the interviewee. Use pseudonyms for the employee and the company. Do not use real names. 
  • Important! Ensure you describe and reflect upon your methods for conducting this research: how did you select your interviewee, how did you persuade them to participate, what kind of interview techniques did you apply? Refer to relevant theories on persuasion, presentations, interview techniques, possibly intercultural communication, and so on. 
  • Describe your findings, and analyze them using pertinent theories (from not just Module One but certainly from Module Three). Reference the theories appropriately. • include recommendations for your participant's organization. In your recommendations, make sure that you offer viable solutions. If there are no problems at all, then analyze which factors ensure that communication is so successful in this company. • include the informed consent form as an appendix. 

Throughout your report, do not refer to your participant or their organization by their real names. Use pseudonyms at all times, to protect the identity of your participant.

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Assignment Solution


The report analyses the intercultural communication issues in XX Company. The intercultural skill is an essential attribute in operation as people have to communicate relentlessly to enhance their team performance by communicating with each other. The communication gap can reduce efficiency in the workplace. The research is based on an interview with an employee of XX Company to understand the different issues in intercultural communication in the company and the types of actions considered to eliminate these issues. The report analyses data gathered from the interview by listening to the voice tones of both the interviewer and interviewee. 

Description of company and interviewee

The company XX is in the service industry and specifically from the hotel sector. It has several branches in Australia serving several tourists and travellers. The company has six hotels based in Sydney, Brisbane and other places of the country. It has employed different employees from diversified cultures to serve its potential customers. The employee in the interview is Mr Y, who has clearly indicated the cultural issues in the company. He is working at the lower management level of the company who is having conflicting issues with the online booking system of the hotels.  

Research method and persuasion technique for conducting the interview

The researcher has selected the interview method in this section. The interviewer has conducted the interview of Mr. Y, who is an employee of XX Company, to gather information regarding the intercultural issues within the organisation. The researcher has tried to gather internal information of XX Company regarding human resource communication and intercultural skills issues for the employees. The objective of conducting the interview of an existing employee of the hotel company is suitable as it can provide the internal primary information related to intercultural skills of the company. The interview has conducted by the researcher by starting a rapport with the interviewee (calling his first name). The process of the interview must maintain the formality level to reflect the different status of the participants (Wang 2015). The small talks, as called by the first name, is a good instrument to build the rapport with the interviewee (Phipps 2013). The interviewer has maintained the rapport building through the interview to gather internal information of XX Company. The orientation of an interview is essential as it provides the boundary of the groundwork of the interview. The process of the interview may start with the requesting cooperation of the interviewee (Wang 2015). In this interview process, the interviewer started with 'recording start', which has indicated the requisition of cooperation of the employee (Mason 2016). The question sequence in the interview is important by maintaining the sequence of 'funnel, inverted funnel, diamond and tunnel' (Flick 2015). The starting question was broad open-ended in the interview regarding the intercultural issues then communication issues in operation. The question became close-ended by asking the presentation skills and meeting of the employee to know the specific problem with the intercultural skills. It ended by asking the conflicting issues in communication (the process of tunnelling).

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