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LAN switching technology

LAN switching technology is used to improve the efficiency of the bandwidth and make your connection faster. Our experts help students write a detailed assignment on networking concepts surrounding this.

IP routing and IP data networks

IP tracking and data networking is an important aspect of cybersecurity. We help students crack networking assignment scenarios and case studies on the same.

Microbiology Network penetration testing

Network penetration testing teaches students all about ethical hacking and the ways to crack into a system. We have some professional ethical hackers and CCNA certified experts on board to help you.

Vulnerability management and firewalls

Vulnerability management is a section in computer networking that deals with internet protection and safe browsing. This involves installing and running firewalls, adding encryptions and more.

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Test preparation for computer students

Recommended reading list

Our computer assignment experts and IT professionals have an extensive reading list to help students get started. One can start books like Computer Networks by Tanenbaum & Computer Networking by Jim Kurose.

Find reliable certifications

Read through RFCs (Request for comments) of important topics especially 793 & 791. Another popular resource which can help a student prepare faster is the CBT Nuggets for CCNA certification exam.

Live counselling and mentoring

Our experts are available 24*7 to help students understand the basics of networking theories. We even help you draft your assignment on networking concepts, following university-approved formats, and referencing styles.

Check out Wireshark

Wireshark can help in understanding the internet traffic and fundamental atomic concept of packet handling. Interesting applications helps a student to stay focused on the overall objective till you get a hang of the subject.

Solving case studies

A freshman student can read about popular attacks in the past with a case study approach to make it entertaining. Overall qualitative knowledge, will help connecting the dots while going through networking unit chapters

Mastering Linux

A working knowledge of Linux as an Operating system helps in understanding the computer network architecture itself from a bottom-up approach. Most of our assignment writers work on Linux just for the love of it and as they put it, is geekier than a mac.

Common queries about IT assignment help

What are the best courses I can take up in computer networking

Our clients are students who are presently undergoing the following courses from across the world:
1. MBA in Systems/Computer Networks
2. Bachelor/Master of Networking
3. Masters’ in Networks & Distributed Systems
4. Certified Information System Security Professional
5. Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security)
6. Master of Networks & Security
7. Master of Information Technology – Internet Working (Major)
8. Advanced Diploma of Network Security
9. Certified Network Security Administrator

What do I learn in computer networking?

The bachelor’s’ degree in computer networking covers the basics of types of network assignment, IP security practices and strategies. The postgrad curriculum has a more in-depth approach. Students can pursue further research and apply for a PhD fellowship.
We cater school kids, college students, post-grad students, research scholars and professionals alike.

What are the most common assignment topics you’ve covered?

Here are some of the key topics that our IT experts guide you through in computer networking assignments
1. Information Security
2. Network & Telecommunications Security
3. Networks and Distributed Systems
4. Regulations & Compliance
5. Parallel and Distributed Computing
6. Risk Management
7. Application Security
8. Legal Cases &Digital Forensic Investigations
9. Computer Networking Architecture & Design
10. Pervasive Computing
11. Environmental &Physical Security
12. Operations Security
13. Mobile Networks
14. Advanced Network Technologies
Currently, we have a lot of orders on computer networking homework solutions, case studies and research papers on hacking and IT security.

How do you approach an assignment on networking concepts?

Most IT networking assignments deal with a good amount of technical information. There are illustrated standards in place across the globe and understanding the causes of the same takes some time and relevant work experience. Our computer networking experts are handpicked with a wide spectrum of IT technologies and verticals so that our clients benefit from their in-depth knowledge and real-life work experience. Many of our experts are either CCNA Certified or are Certified Ethical Hackers, with years of work experience to back it up. Many of them are presently undergoing a PhD in specific topics, while others have already completed their doctoral program successfully.

Are there free samples and computer network homework I can browse through?

Of course, we have a wide range of free samples and solutions that you can check out to understand the quality of our work. Our experts are available 24*7 and can be reached through live chat, email, or WhatsApp.


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Our team of experts come from some of the best IT companies and institutions. Everyone  is CCNA certified and has decade’s worth of experience. Plus, we also have a review team to proofread your essays. We even attach a free Grammarly report with each computer networking assignment.

What is the refund policy?

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