Computer Networking

by Bella Williams June 21, 2016

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To help students understand the wide variety of assistance with IT assignments we have successfully delivered in the past, we are showcasing a small sample of University Assessments related to Computer Networking.

The assignment contains three main questions and a learning activity that assess: 1) students’ complete understanding of the design and configuration of intrusion detection and prevention systems using Snort; 2) knowledge of cryptography, algorithms and tools used to protect the integrity, confidentially and availability of information; 3) research and critical skills about emerging security threats, controls and trends.
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TASK 1-In this task you are required to maintain a journal of the activities and research associated with Assignment 4 and to submit the completed journal with this assignment.
TASK 2-Develop and populate the prototype e-commerce website for which you prepared a strategic analysis and preliminary prototype e-commerce website using Joomla in Assignment 2.
TASK 3-You are required to provide a business case for the e-commerce strategy you have adopted for your organization and reflect on your experiences and insight arising from the development of the accompanying e-commerce website.
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WIRESHARK PACKET ANALYSIS :Focus Questions/Activities:
Capture and ARP packet (use the arp_resolution.pcap file if you cannot do it directly). Inspect the packet and see if you can fill in all the fields in the table in Figure 6-2 on page 88
Work through the ARP Request and Response sections on pages 88/89.
Capture an IP packet (use a precaptured one from lotsofweb.pcap if you need to)
Fill in the information in Figure 6-9.
Use ip_frag_source.pcap to work through the fragmentation section on page 95. Reflect of the differences between fragmentation at the IP level and at the Ethernet level. (300 words)
Capture a TCP packet
Inspect the the ports associated with the packet, indicating what application is associated with that port
Capture a UDP packet (you might have to get one from udp_dnsrequest.pcap)
Fill in the information in table 6-27. (Reflect on why this information is so much less than for TCP)
Inspect the the ports associated with the packet, indicating what application is associated with that port
Have a look at ICPM packets and reflect on their usefulness. In particular consider the PING utility.
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Case Study Crypto-ransomware attack has targeted Australian businesses. The ABC has been targeted by an extensive campaign of malicious emails which took ABC News 24 off air for half an hour on Tuesday , morning 7th October, 2014. The emails, which download crypto-ransomware, have also been sent to other public institutions. This attack initially targeted Australia Post customers, has also been observed to target a range of organisations, including Telstra and Energy Australia. Recovery of infected systems is virtually impossible without clean backups.
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Prepare digital forensics investigative plan to enable a systematic collection of evidence and subsequent forensic analysis of the electronic and digital data. Assuming all systems are Windows based, this plan should detail following:
Justify why use of the digital forensic methodology and approach is warranted including appropriate procedures for corporate investigation.
Describe the resources required to conduct a digital forensic investigation, including skill sets and
required tools of the team members.
Outline an approach for data/evidence identification and acquisition that would occur in order to prepare the auditors for review of the digital evidence.
Outline an approach and steps to be taken during the analysis phase making the assumption the computer system is a Microsoft Windows-based computer.
Make a recommendation on the action that the company needs to take against the offender.

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