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Computing Dissertation Proposal on Content Management Systems

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Write a Computing dissertation proposal on content management systems

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Assignment Solution


Research Problem

The prime objective of any educational institution is to provide proper and clear guidance to the students. At every stage, the students need to have a proper contact with the higher management and staff to clearly bring out their issues and get them addressed. This process becomes more important if their family members and close associates do not stay with them. In such a scenario, it becomes highly imperative on the part of the staff to address the issues of the students, so as to guide them towards a better academic as well as non-academic preparation. The system at-hand has a scenario wherein the representatives are the only existing channel to reach the staff, which delays the process of communication and creates unnecessary bottlenecks.

The underlying gaps

This proposed solution aims at removing the demerits existing in the current system, by adapting the below steps.

  1. Bridging the existing gap between the staff and students.

Literature Review

There are several researches and books which have stressed on the importance of a healthy student-staff interaction. We could gather quite a lot of material in this regard.

In their article, 'Teacher-Student interaction and language learning', authors Joan Kelly Hall and Meghan Walsh, have stressed on the growing importance of student-teacher interaction to accelerate the process of teaching(walsh, 2002).

A case study by 'William T.Smith' named '

The online research article by Stephen C. Ehrmann, named as 'Improving the Outcomes of Higher Education: Learning from Past Mistakes' clearly describes, how in the modern times it is indispensable to have a proper channel to promote student-teacher interaction(Ehrmann, 2002). The article also speaks about leverages the benefits of Information technology to overcome the traditional barriers in communication.

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