Consumer Insight For TAC’s Double Bus Campaign

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Assessment Type

Course Work

Word Count

650 words


Creative Advertising


1 Day

Assignment Criteria

Description: Based on the client information provided on the website, you are to develop advertising research summary and recommendations. You are to investigate and justify your choice of advertising research format and recommend solutions for your client.  (Please read the PDF)

This campaign history provides the content and context of a client you are now working for. Review all the relevant materials and plot a creative insights strategy for „where to from here?‟ Address your strategy as if presenting a summary to your client.

Consider the basic planning cycle questions:

Where are we now … summarising relevant information

Where can we be … summarising a potential idea

How do we get there … summarising relevant insight(s)

Submissions should take the form of a „professional-style presentation pack‟ … concise and clear briefing presenting your recommendations.

You are required to construct a suitable format exercise.

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Assignment Solution

Research summary:

Where are we now?

The following assignment gives a focus on the importance of the drug problem by making advertising criteria put forward by Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in context to double bus campaign. Advertising is the continuous process in order to bring a drastic change for the market to expand.  TAC develops the advertising strategy in context to the concept of double bus campaign for developing the fund to provide treatment to those who are injured due to transport accidents (Adamos, 2012). The concept of the double bus campaign developed since the booze buses turned in to drug buses in the year of 2006. This points out the issues that have developed due to drug driving and works to make a reminder to the road users since they will be caught if they are caught due to driving on drugs. The present status of the TAC, double bus campaign has made some perceptions for the effect due to illicit drugs while driving and if they are caught now on drugs along with the ice then it will be punishable. TAC has assigned alert for making the drivers aware and is testing by taking their saliva in order to improve the condition of the community on how drug driving can affect and develops a strategy for road safety.

Where can we be?

Depending on developing the strategy of advertising regarding the TAC's double bus campaign with the help of various advertising media, a road safety campaign can be developed if it can reach their target customers who are the drivers driving taking drugs with ice and can be overcome by making an alert to them on the basis of the campaign of TAC. The target customers or the customer insights develop their mindsets or gets motivated by the latest attitude (Elvik, 2009). Similarly, if TAC can reach the target audience who drives after taking drugs and provides funds for their service or treatment with the help of the double bus campaign making them aware of the punishments, then a road safety for the community can be developed. 

How do we get there?

Road safety is a serious issue for the drug drivers. Thus, TAC campaign focuses on the issues of road safety so that the public behavior can be changed. Apart from the limitations of age, sex, the campaign makes awareness for the young vehicle drivers for speeding and also for drunk driving. Based on 1989, Victorian road accidents, TAC has developed the statistics for safety with the help of the advertising by making various strategies like the drivers should learn how to dive, they should understand the safety system so that they can proceed with safe driving and overcome the issues of road accidents (Lenné, 2013). The advertisement based on the TAC campaign of double bus focused on the concept of no deaths or injury on the road for developing the future where the journey will be the safest one.


The above assignment develops the importance of the campaign of TAC with the help of double bus and advertising strategy so that in future the journey can be safe. The report of the road accidents due to drunk driving or due to taking drugs shows that most of them have died due to drugs in the system along with the cannabis and also stimulants that were detected. Thus, if the campaign of drug testing by TAC is followed then it can give a support to the tests done on the roadside for illegal drugs while driving that can help in reducing the accident rates. The testing program was extended by the government later introducing a legislation that needs to be followed for allowing the test. If a person drinks and drive, their effect gets stronger. Hence, they should be charged penalties if they are caught or can be taken to the court. If proper actions are taken by the TAC campaign then it can help in developing a safety community.

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