Coping studies along with part-time job

by Bella Williams June 18, 2020

I think that part-time jobs are really helpful, not only financially but also for academics if the work is course related. We can get a glimpse of our future job and determine whether we actually like that particular career path or not. And also part time jobs can help students improve time management abilities and become more active.

But with positive side everything have some negative side as well. Like, having an excessive work load can cause harmful effects not only on the student’s academics performance but also on his/her physical health. A student can get depressed or stressed due to work load.

A student can easily cope studies with part time jobs if it matches his/her interest. The student can do the job with interest, like some co-curricular activity, if he/she finds some fun or piece of enjoyment in it. And the student would not feel burdened due to the work and would not find it some kind of stress due to his/her financial condition or due to some other issues.

I am also a student of university level. I am doing BS-chemistry from a well-recognized university. And I am also a part time worker.

So I would like to share some of my thoughts and experiences of life to support all those students who study as well as work part-time like me!

From childhood my passion is to become a lecturer in a world re-known institution. And I am like struggling from my childhood to fulfill my dream. All of my games, activities, hobbies were related to my passion.

When I was in FSC I got inspired by Mr. Chips, who was also an instructor. I was inspired by these lines especially from Mr. Chip’s novel:

A decent career was decently closed 

I wanted to fulfill these lines on my life as well. For me, my career, my everything is to be an instructor like Mr. Chips.

After FSC, I got admission in my current university. In my favorite subject i.e. “Chemistry”. In my early days of university I started giving home tuitions. It was my first part-time job. So, now after university hours I give tuitions to children at my home. It was my first step toward my passion. This activity of mine is really not bothersome for me, as I like what I am doing. And it was also all I wanted to do in my life. So this part-time job still continues.

But when my first semester was over in June 2017, I got a job offer from an academy that was near to my house. It was really a good news for me. First of all, I hesitated for a moment that if I would be able to cope my studies with this job or not. But in the second moment this thought shook my mind that what am I waiting for? This wall all I wanted to do. My dream to teach in an institution was coming true! Although it was not on a big level. But I knew that this was the beginning.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer, always remember, you have within you the strength, the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

                                                        (HARRIET TUBMAN)

And I accepted this offer. This was the second step toward my dream. And I got this concept in my mind that “if you wanted to do something with pure mind and with all your heart you will definitely achieve, what you want.” Just stay focused and contended.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all don’t let anyone limit your dreams.

                                                (DONOVAN BAILEY)

But with this part-time job my schedule also got busy. After university I goes to my part time job of academy and after fulfilling my duty of instructor in academy I fulfill my duty of home tutor. And after this busy routine of whole day I never gets the feeling of tiredness or fatigue. And the reason for this is, that I enjoy what I do! And my part-time jobs are also my course related as I teach chemistry and physics in academy and science students at home. And this tutoring really helps me a lot. I also try that my studies should not get affected due to my jobs. As it is said that,

The degree to which you will succeed depends entirely on you.

Now I would like to share some advices that I follow in my daily life, and these advices really helps me a lot to manage my daily work routine as well as my study.

  1. Prioritize your daily task and learn to manage your time.
  2. Good planning’s help you stay on top of things.
  3. Don’t forget to take a break once in a while.

I don’t think of myself as a role model. I do try to live in a compassionate, considerate and positive way. The only advice I can offer is to find what you love to do, find the joy in it, and express yourself through your passion.


According to the third advice I am taking break nowadays due to winter vacations. I am preparing my mind for all the tasks that lie ahead on the road of my life. And now I am in my third semester of course. Still energetic and powerful like before. My studies and part-time jobs are going well and smoothly. And one day I knew that my dream to teach in a world re-known institution would come true! And that day I will miss my all hard work and these jobs and student life!

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