Corruption Perception Index

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Look at the links on Transparency International‘s Corruption Perception Index (CPI). Give your assessment of how corruption is measured using the CPI referring to at least one Asian case

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The Corruption Perception Index is a global barometer that scales the corruption level of the nation on a yearly basis. This measuring unit was introduced in the year 1995 under the initiatives of Transparency International. Johann Graf Lambsdorff of the University of Passau was given to responsibility to accomplish this task. At present 177 nations across the globe are scaled by this Index in order to detect the amount of corruption present misusing the public service and property (Schewe, 2015). The higher the value is lesser the level of corruption. This report is produced based on the data assimilated from various surveys and the evaluation results of certainly selected institutions. The institutions associated in reproducing the annual corruption perception index are the African Development Bank, the Bertelsmann Foundation, and the Economist Intelligence Unit, Freedom House, Global Insight, International Institute of Management Development, the World Economic Forum, the World Bank and the World Justice Project (2010 Corruption Perceptions Index — In detail. ) 

Reflection of nation's corruption in terms of CPI: 

According to the results produced by Transparency International report Canada shows the least level of corruption while Somalia has the highest rank in term of corruption level ( Transparency International – Country Profiles. , 2015). An insight into the corruption situation of the South Asia it is observed that about 39% of the population are reported to pay bribes in the past 12 months with Bangladesh standing first in the queue. 62% of the population have a perception supporting the increasing level of corruption and 81% of the mass support that the general public can fight to eradicate corruption from the country. The reports further reveal that the greatest amount of bribe is paid or accepted by the police in the Asian countries. The other public services enlisted to accept bribe are land services, registry and permit services, tax revenue department, customs, judicial system and many more (Daily lives and corruption: public opinion in South Asia. Issue, 2011). 

Corruption case in India: 

According to the results of 2014 India ranked 85 out of 175 and scored 38 out of 100 in terms of CPI. The Global Corruption Barometer offers the public opinion survey that shows 54% are reported to pay bribes and 44% considers the government remains ignorant to eradicate corruption. The political parties of India are they regarded to be more corrupted according to this survey ( How corrupt is your country?). According to the published story by the Times of India in Kozhikode some individuals were arrested in the counterfeit currency case. This case was registered on 26th August 2015 when the accused used the fake currency at a Bevco outlet. The face value of the seized amount of fake currency was calculated to be of Rs 10 lakh (The Times of India).


The application of CPI is of great help in understanding the extent of corruption prevalent across the globe, but this index cannot be considered for a standard to detect the exact amount of corruption. As CPI is calculated based on the raw values without justification of the validity of the considered values various organizations has questioned the accuracy of Corruption Perception Index (Werve, 2008).

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