Critical Analysis of a Clinical Case of Dementia in Australia

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Assessment Type

Critical Essay

Word Count

4000 words




6 Days

Assignment Criteria

Students are required to provide a critical analysis of a clinical case which involved the use of advanced clinical knowledge and skills relevant to the context of their practice. Using the clinical problem you identified in

HEA511, you will aim to target a clinical case for this assessment item which involves the clinical problem. For example, if your clinical problem is access to primary health care for Indigenous clients living in remote settings, you may consider selecting a case study that addresses a patient within this context. In addition, your case must directly link to the ANMC (2013) Nurse Practitioner Standards for Practice. Your case study should be clear and concise, highlighting your role in the client's assessment and how you demonstrated the advanced and extended competencies and performance indicators required of an NP. Indicate those areas you performed independently and those in which you consulted with other health care providers. In order to provide context, your case study should BRIEFLY address the following components:

  • Summary of history of presenting illness, review of systems and physical examination
  • Differential diagnosis based upon relevant findings
  • Diagnoses which are accurate, evidence based and linked to patient assessment findings
  • Summary of findings
  • Justification of plan

This task will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Critical and reflective analysis of the your clinical practice compared and contrasted to the NP Standards;
  • Appropriate, substantive and critical reflection on all aspects of client assessment;
  • Analysis integrating key ideas and concepts from the literature;
  • Well organized, well supported and well presented arguments for recommendations for improving clinical practice;

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Assignment Solution


There is a rapid growth in geriatric population worldwide. As per 'World Health Organization', 2014 the quantity of individuals matured 60 or more is relied upon to increment from 605 million to 2 billion, from 2000 to 2050 .This exceptional growth can be attributed to the substantial decrease in birth rates during the past 25 years, the migration of younger people out of certain areas specially developing countries due to economic reasons, and the overall decrease in mortality rates. In developing countries decline of mortality from infectious diseases and in developed regions decline of mortality from coronary diseases due to better health services has taken place. (Colin D Mathers, Feb 2015)

In 2003, in Australia 12.8% were matured 65 years or more and by 2021 this is anticipated to increment to 18%.(Mary Courtney, 2007)The 2006 statistics of Australia uncovered 22% of abroad conceived individuals in the nation and 400 dialects been talked the country over.At Victorian wellbeing administrations, populace over 70 years represent about 50% of healing center bed utilization or more 46% of day consideration patients are from over 70 years age bunch . (Comprehensive health assessment of the older person training Summary report, Oct 2013)

In Australia populace maturing obliges the proceeded with requirement for quality private matured consideration administrations. Be that as it may, regardless of this need private matured care in the nation does not have an institutionalized and consistent arrangement of inhabitant appraisal identified with clinical has been built up.(Comprehensive health assessment of the older person training Summary report. , Oct 2013)A percentage of the realissues highlighted in the health care services are lack of understanding of information in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), lack of communication of requirements and inclinations to give a second thought staff and to give socially noteworthy social exercises. (Population and Migration: Understanding the Numbers Key points, 2010)The existing assessment system in the country is fragmented and is based on funding programs than on the individual needs and it differs between organizations creating variable outcomes for individuals. (Assessment and the aged care service system, Jan 2014)Ethics Communities' of NSW depicted a discouraging picture of residential aged care services of CALD community in Australia. Lack of culturally appropriate services addressing health issues was highlighted and recommended that cultural specific staff from old and young CALD population should be employed to provide aged services. (Response to the productivity commssion's draft report, Inquiry Into Caring For Older Australians: A Multicultural Perspective, 2011)

Comprehensive health assessment (CHA) forms the basis of good clinical practice. It gives proof based data to health awareness experts to distinguish care needs and potential dangers, for educated consideration arranging, choice making and treatment choices .In health care settings older people have increasingly multiple health problems, comorbidities and are at higher risk of adverse events. To give regard to theseproblems effective and sound health assessment is needed equipped with trained health professionals. Special focus has to be extended to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) population as a substantial number of aged population belongs to CALD group.

In 2012, 19% of people among disability reported a mental or behavioral problem in Australia. In 2011, Dementia represented 2,98,000 individuals in Australia which is required to ascend to 4,00,000 by 2020 and 9,00,000 by 20150. (Dementia in Australia, Sept 2012)Among the CALD people dementia will increase from 35,549 to 119,582. (Cencus Table: 'Language Spoken at Home by Sex' – Australia, June 2007 )
The move towards a multicultural society has many implications for providing quality health care services for aged population. In designing culturally appropriate health care service programmes comprehensive health assessment is the need of the hour.

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