Business Management

Crusty’s Italian Restaurant In Dubai

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Word Count

2000 words


Business Plan


4 Days

Assignment Criteria

Progress Report – 

  • A detailed explanation of what the business does.
  • A stakeholder analysis.
  • A clear vision, mission and objective(s).
  • An environmental analysis and evidence of scenario planning.
  • A VIRO analysis and an outline of the company's configuration of resources.
  • Industry and competitor analysis.
  • A thorough plan for the remaining weeks.


Before starting this assignment, you should have a clear idea of what your business does and is involved in. Students should also ensure that information relevant to the planning of your chosen business is accessible. Information concerning businesses operating in the defense industry is generally hard to come by, as an example. Furthermore, students should be aware that information of emerging industries may also be hard to access given the 'newness' of the enterprise. 

Written Report: Layout & Style 

  • The cover should be simple and pleasing to the eye.
  • Diagrams and pictures should be used where they help convey an important message.
  • Each page should be laid out to avoid presenting the reader with too much dense text.
  • The choice of font is yours but it should be easy to read.
  • The font used should not be smaller than 10 points.
  • A simple and clear structure for headings and subheadings should be used.
  • Each heading should be numbered and the numbers based on the current section.
  • Where figures, charts and graphs are used, all axes should be clearly labelled.

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Assignment Solution

About Crusty's 

This business plan has been designed to discuss the Crusty's Italian Restaurant in the central place in Dubai.  The authentic taste of Italian food with a home-cooked variety of pasta and sauces would be giving customers an experience they will never forget and would surely come back for. Since Crusty's is a new chain of Italians cuisine it will have its first launch in Dubai in the month of December 2015 with an expansion plan in Abu Dhabi by next two years once the brand name is established.

Crusty's promises to extend a healthy as well as an authentic taste of Italian pasta, spices and sauces straight from its kitchen; keeping the mindset of its customer seeking for health-conscious delicacies as well as calorie content. People especially the younger generation are professionally a lot busy, giving them no time to cook food they wish to eat on a regular basis and therefore, it has increased their dependencies of eating out quite often. 

Crusty's would ensure that it transforms the regular Italian fast food live through into a delicious family meal experience. The ambiance created would surely take our customers virtually to Italy; with realistic Italian set up, keeping the smallest detail in mind as much as possible with regards to furniture, music, and lights. The menu offers a variety of Italian dishes including home-made pasta, a variety of Pizzas, calzones etc cooked with high quality and fresh organic food. The food combination ensures freshness as well as reduced calorie count for our health-conscious customers.

The order would be delivered to our dine-in customers in the least time and to the takeaway customers in a much lesser waiting time; keeping the freshness and taste in mind. The menu has been designed in both English as well as the Arabic language to help locals to relate well; each dish has a specific calorie count mentioned along with its price to help customers choose what they wish to eat when. The non-vegetarian food is specially cooked using Halal chicken suiting to the local preference as well as abiding to the rules of the Food Association in Dubai. Also, the working days would be suiting to the local environment.

The restaurant will be located in the Central part of Dubai acquired on a lease basis. The identified structure is located off the main road which makes it ideal and visible to both locals and travelers. The interior shall be very authentic; displaying the culture of Italy, France, and Paris. The size of the restaurant is between 1500 – 1700 square feet with 6 to 7 full-time employees. The sitting layout is arranged for up to 40 people. We expect at least 70% off dining and 30% take away.

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