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Crypto Locker Ransomware A modern menace to digital world

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Information Security


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Case Study

Crypto-ransomware attack has targeted Australian businesses. The ABC has been targeted by an extensive campaign of malicious emails which took ABC News 24 off air for half an hour on Tuesday , morning 7th Ocotber, 2014. The emails, which download crypto-ransomware, have also been sent to other public institutions. This attack initially targeted Australia Post customers, has also been observed to target a range of organisations , including Telstra and Energy Australia. Recovery of infected systems is virtually impossible without clean backups.4

Reference: ; accessed on 8th October 2014.

Please refer to the above website for a full story.

Research the topic thoroughly and write a report that looks at all the ethical issues involved in the case study. Support your arguments with at least three references from reputable sources such as books and academic quality journal articles relevant to the subject.

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Many of today's products are built from a large number of components that are delivered by a number of different suppliers. To enable a company to profitably manufacture its products, an efficient and viable production network is required. However, in today's globalized world these networks have reached a very high complexity [1]. Decision makers in current production networks need to have a comprehensive overview of the interrelationships of their company, the suppliers, and customers of many different products and components. The arising problems are twofold: Not only do the decision makers have to ensure that enough components are available in the production process, but also a sufficient quality of the components has to be assured.

Modern Enterprise Resource Planning systems support people in their decision making. However, the huge quantity of presenting and retrievable information might lead to information overflow and users who might focus on the wrong parameters, leading to inefficiencies, low product quality, or lower profits in the production networks. Human behaviour in production networks and quality management is insufficiently explored. In order to study decision making processes in quality management and to develop tools that can give suitable support to decision makers, we developed a web based simulation that puts users into the role of decision makers. This publication serves a dual purpose: First, we present the design and implementation of a simulation game for quality management in production networks. Second, we analyse the effect of human behaviour and characteristics in the developed game as well as the consequences for real world companies.

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