Depression in University

by Bella Williams June 19, 2020

A survey conducted by the National Union of Students and Headspace revealed that study is taking a serious toll on Australian students. Most of the students surveyed complained of stress, depression or anxiety. More than 67% of those surveyed were contemplating suicide or self-harm.

Statistics reveal that approximately 70% of students aged between 17 and 25 have poor mental health. 80% students feel anxious while 60% feel hopeless or worthless. About 55% of students studying in Australia suffer from sleeplessness.

Student depression is a reality and it is a global problem. In this infographics we have surfaced this problem with facts and figures.

These figures are alarming and demand immediate attention. Therefore, this blog throws light on how depression affects students. More importantly, it also gives crucial information on how depression can be overcome.

Problems associated with depression

1.     Unusual behavior

Depression could prevent you from being yourself. You may suddenly start liking being aloof instead of being your chirpy self. It may cause you to refrain from socializing. Depression also often impacts food habits. It could kill your appetite or on the contrary, enhance it to a great extent.

2.     Low self confidence

Those who are depressed often find themselves in vulnerable spots. Students could show signs of being depressed by exhibiting low self-confidence, regular mood swings or lack of interest in activities and studies. Such students sometimes end up crying for no reason and withdraw from the world into their own private spaces. They begin questioning their own capabilities.

Negative thoughts take control and they fail to see the positivity around them. So, if you meet someone who constantly says that he will never be able to pass an examination or get a placement offer after graduation, reach out to him.


Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I’m happy

3.     Sleep disruption

Another common symptom of student depression is sleep disruption. This primarily happens due to anxiety. Depression could cause you to panic and over-analyze situations, thus preventing you from getting adequate rest mentally. Students having depression complain of fast heart rate, headaches, sweating and lethargy.

4.     Isolation

Everyone likes being around people who are fun and energetic. Therefore, you may end up feeling isolated in this low phase of your life. Student life is all about making friends and beautiful memories. However, depression forces you to create a wall around you. This prevents friendships and relationships to blossom, thus making you feel isolated and lonely.

5.     Plans of giving up

Depression in its advanced stages may provoke you to give up on life. You may get suicidal thoughts. Your life may seem to be worthless. You may even begin to feel like a burden on friends and family who stand by you. Depression lets you believe that it is here to stay forever. You may lose hope of ever getting rid of it.

6.     Effect on studies

Concentrating on studies while being depressed may seem like a herculean task. You may lack the motivation to attend lectures or work on assignments. Preparing for examinations may seem extremely difficult. Concentrating on studies could become a major challenge. Even subjects that you excelled in earlier may no longer interest you.

Solution to depression


Coping with depression is not easy, but it is certainly not impossible either. Here’s what you must remember to overcome depression:

1.     Know that you’re not alone

Remember that you are not alone. It is easy for students to believe that they have nobody to confide in while others are coping up well. There could be several others like you, suffering in silence, not opening up to others about how they feel. Finding it hard to work things out at the University is a very common phenomenon. Instead of isolating yourself from everyone, talk to someone. Discuss what you’re feeling with someone you can trust. You will quickly witness new friendships blossom.

2.     Use online sources

You will be surprised to know that there are services and apps that work only to make your life at the University easier. Nightline is an amazing service that is run for students, by students. It offers a listening service overnight during terms. Use phone calls, Skype or emails to connect with someone you can talk to about your problems. Elefriends is another online community that lets you be heard.

Similarly, a recently launched app named Emoodji has been designed to help students cope with their emotions while at University. From providing valuable tips on money problems to helping you deal with exam stress or homesickness, this app does it all.


Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I’m happy

3.     Eat, sleep, work

A depressed state of mind can prevent you from doing all the things you otherwise did in your daily routine with immense ease. The worst thing that you can do with yourself in such a condition is to stop caring for yourself. This is the time when your body and mind need more care than ever. Eat at regular intervals, even if you don’t feel like. Keep yourself hydrated.

Get the adequate amount of rest and do not let your sleep cycle get disturbed. In order to keep the negative thoughts at bay, stay occupied. Instead of running away from daily chores and studies, work harder, so that you have no time to feel low.

4.     Do what makes you happy

Keeping yourself happy is of prime importance. Get out of bed and do what you love. Read books, sing songs, watch a movie, catch up with friends you haven’t met in a long time, just do something. Don’t sit in the corner of a room because that’s not you. Remember that there is an entire world waiting to be explored and a million dreams waiting to be fulfilled. All that you need to do is utilize your energy in the right direction.

Watch motivational videos or reach out to someone you look up to. Reflect on your achievements from the past to remind yourself of your potential. Celebrate even the smallest moments of success. Think of those who are not as privileged as you and are yet more content with their lives. Smile as much as you can and soon, depression will have to bid farewell to you.

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