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Devising startegy-Managing People for Competitive Advantage

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Course Work

Word Count

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Business Strategy


5 Days

Assignment Criteria

Short answer: each part is equally weighted. Answer any five (5) of the following seven (7) parts:

a Identify and explain strategies to alleviate the 'Skills Shortage' in the Transport and Logistics Industry.

b You are charged with the task of writing job descriptions for a Greenfield site? How would you gather the data to complete the documents?

c Identify and explain the key issues from 'A Proper Ending' (Reading 11.1).

d Discuss the industrial relations framework, participants and processes involved in employee relations in Australia or a country of your choice.

e Explain the link between corporate strategic intent and corporate culture. Identify and explain three (3) key Human Resource Management (HRM) strategies that can be used to align corporate strategic intent and corporate culture. Support your answer with reference to academic material and examples.

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Assignment Solution

Strategies for alleviating skills shortage in transport and logistics industry

Determined action and collaborative effort has to be taken up by the community and the government for reducing the critical skills shortages and helping to secure the industry of transport and logistics. This implies to tackle and overcome the attitudes of traditions and fixing the image that is help through the sector of resources and communities and henceforth finding unique ways to reaching the skills that are untapped(Lois, 2010). The same can be done by the following strategic approaches:

  • Planning of workforce: Plan has to be made within the rigor level and subjects that have an application to plan finances and operations and for the same drivers of recruitment have to be incorporated for complete understand of the requirements in the organization and not knowing the best sources of external skills.
  • Tapping skill from different sources such as recruiting more women
  • Strengthen the band of the sector
  • Making it flexible for people to travel
  • Workforce being re-skilled
  • Looking farther than only making more profit

The data for an employment in Greenfield project site in relation to IT will be collected by having a deep insight within the requirements of the organization of which there will be information known only from secondary sources. Further, information will be collected with the help of primary approaches such as asking the managers who work in the organizations that have a Greenfield project running or will be running in future.

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