Sociology Critical Analysis Essay on Post-Humanism

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Word Count

2000 words




4 Days

Assignment Criteria

Discuss your understanding about post humanism

  1. What do you think of Post-humanism?
  2. Introduce your ideas about post-humanism
  3. Your position of statement
  4. What  is post-humanism for you in your current position?

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Assignment Solution

Post-humanism seems like dubious neologisms, which is simply interpreted as
another image of the recurrent self-hate of humans. Despite that it might also indicate at some potential in the cultural context of humans, hinting at an inclination towards struggling for getting transformed into more than any trend.

Somewhere down the line there is a perception that 500 years of sheer humanism might be witnessing an end, which is because humanism is getting transformed into what is helplessly known as post-humanism (Soper, 2012). Another philosopher Hassan has used the word 'helplessly' many a times, describing post-humanism, which could be perceived to presuppose
that 'post-humanism' essentially is not brought to use by the critics due to the fact that it happens to be a term that conveys its meaning without any problem. And despite that, while it might even be termed a 'dubious neologism', in my opinion, it bears the potential for serving like a conducive shorthand concerning the generalized crisis, which 'humans' must call 'posthumanism' being all the way helpless.

Thinkers such as Kate Soper as well as Tony Davies have given their thoughts about post-humanism being a wonderfully vague concept. On one hand, Davies playfully beseeches Humpty Dumpty by Lewis Carroll, for whom any word meant firm, neither more and no less, on the other hand, in the view of Soper, understanding of that term is related to the cultural context. She concludes that post-humanism invariably remains, more or less synonymous with atheism (Soper, 2012). In my view (continuing with Kate Soper) post-humanism could be closely associated with the promulgation of secularism, mostly in the advanced regions of the globe, that somebody brings in use involving this word as the title along with a cynicism that it should be aboriginal to what may be presented as a religion, which the Americans term as a progressive cult involving the broadminded rationalism of the current genre.

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