Economics Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Report

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Word Count

2500 words




5 Days

Assignment Criteria

Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards – CHEERS Checklist 1

CHEERS Checklist

Items to include when reporting economic evaluations of health interventions

The ISPOR CHEERS Task Force Report, Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting

Standards (CHEERS)—Explanation and Elaboration: A Report of the ISPOR Health Economic Evaluations

Publication Guidelines Good Reporting Practices Task Force provides examples and further discussion of

the 24-item CHEERS Checklist and the CHEERS Statement. It may be accessed via the Value in Health or

via the ISPOR Health Economic Evaluation Publication Guidelines – CHEERS: Good Reporting Practices


1 April 2011 – 2 – CRICOS No. 00233E

o sub-divide sections as necessary

ensure all related ideas are grouped together and supported with relevant visual material

o using graphics

graphics can be very useful to show a lot of information that would be too difficult or detailed to

explain using words

all graphics that are used should be explained and referred to in the report

each graphic should be numbered and titled and kept as close as possible to the relevant text

Conclusions and Recommendations – These can be combined or presented as two separate


Conclusions – provide implications from the content of the report and should be clear and

precise with headings (if needed)

Recommendations – describe a clear course of action and should be carefully considered,

able to demonstrate professional competence in a specific situation and clearly aligned with

your conclusions

Supplementary parts

References -All sources that have been used must be acknowledged in the report and

included in this list

o Choose a referencing style and use it consistently; consult a referencing guide if you are


Appendices -Additional graphical, statistical or other supplementary material that will help the

reader to understand an idea more fully can be included here

o Each item should be clearly labelled (eg Appendix 1) and referred to in the report

5. Editing & Polishing

Revisit your first plan & terms of reference

Sequence the main issues

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Assignment Solution


The interest in the presentation of new growth medications is becoming globally and Ireland is the same. These medications have a tendency to be extravagant and their presentation displays a specific test amid troublesome budgetary circumstances. The current agreement rules were created to institutionalize the clinical way to deal with the administration of neutropenic fever in grown-up disease patients all through Australian treating focuses. The three zones of clinical practice secured by the rules, the methodology for creating agreement supposition, and the framework used to review the confirmation and relative quality of proposals are depicted. The wellbeing financial matters ramifications of creating clinical direction are additionally talked about.

QALY, or 'Quality Adjusted Life Year' was first introduced by Zeckhauser and Shepard (1976) to determine the quality of life lived by a patient in the duration of his or her life, given that he or she has a potentially fatal disease such as Cancer. There is a treatment being available for New Pharmacotherapy for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) which is expected to replace the old treatment drug (Sassi, 2006).

Aims and Objectives

The aims of this research are to estimate the cost-effectiveness of the new drug Wondernib and analyze the difference between the new drug and the old drug Dastanib.

The Problem

Noncompeting choice cost-effectiveness is when you have many possible options to choose from that are NOT mutually exclusive. Noncompeting choice cost effectiveness uses the average cost-effectiveness.  This means you simply divide the cost of the intervention by the benefit of the intervention.

The research methods

The research methods used for the purpose of the paper is to use a Decision Tree, based on the analysis of QALY. Moreover, the researcher has also used a sensitivity analysis to determine the cost-effectiveness of the new drug in three different situations, which are classified according to the usage of the patient, which is based on:

·         Full Responder

·         Partial Responder

·         Non-Responder (patient who uses the medicine for a month and stops)


QALY or Quality Adjusted Life Year

The quality-adjusted life year or quality-adjusted-life-year (QALY) is a measure of infection weight, including both the quality and the amount of life lived. It is utilized as a part of surveying the quality for cash of a restorative intercession. According to Khettri et al., The QALY model obliges utility free, chance impartial, and consistent proportional tradeoff behavior.

The QALY is in light of the quantity of years of life that would be included by the mediation. Every year in impeccable wellbeing is alloted the estimation of 1.0 down to an estimation of 0.0 for being dead. On the off chance that the additional years would not be lived in full well being, for instance, if the patient would lose an appendage, or be dazed or need to utilize a wheelchair, then the additional life-years are given a quality somewhere around 0 and 1 to record for this. Under specific routines, for example, the EQ-5D, QALY can be a negative number.

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