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Question 1


To model and investigate the influence of inlet flow velocity on the flow of water in a straight plane channel, using Computational Fluid Dynamics.


ANSYS CFX will be used as currently available at QUT.


For a straight channel of height H=20 mm and length L=1 m, as shown below, create a two-dimensional CFD model. You will create an initial mesh and run the simulations for an inlet velocity of 0.1 m/s. Then you will refine the mesh 2 times and re-run the simulations for Uf= 0.1 m/s. Finally, you will run the simulations for inlet velocities of 0.2 m/s and 0.5 m/s using the refined mesh to determine axial velocity profiles at different x locations along the channel.


The fluid flowing through the channel is water, with the following properties at 10 °C:

Density, U = 1,000 kg/m3

Dynamic viscosity, P = 1.307 x 10-3 Pa/s

The boundary conditions for all the CFD models are:

Inlet velocity, Uf= 0.1 m/s; 0.2 m/s; 0.5 m/s ::Outlet Pressure = atmospheric pressure :: Velocity at walls = 0 m/s (no slip)

Flow = Laminar (first case, Uf= 0.1 m/s) then Turbulent using default settings (second and third cases 0.2 m/s; 0.5 m/s).

Procedure and discussion points:

1. Create the geometry in DesignModeler

2. Build the grid in Ansys Mesher. First, use the Automatic mesh with no modification of the settings. Discuss the quality of the mesh obtained.

3. Set boundary conditions in Ansys-CFD and solver parameters

4. Run CFX for Uf = 0.1 m/s

5. Make a grid refinement study: Create and discuss 2 refined meshes, one finer than the other and check grid convergence. Run the simulations for Uf = 0.1 m/s for these 2 additional grids.

6. For the most refined mesh, check the iterative convergence and compare the axial velocity profiles u(y) at x=0.1 m, x=0.5 m and x=0.9 m. Discuss.

7. Using the refined grid, run CFX for Uf = 0.2 m/s and Uf = 0.5 m/s

8. Chart the axial velocity profiles u(y) at x=0.1 m, x=0.5 m and x=0.9 m for the 3 inlet velocities against the analytical velocity profile for a laminar plane Poiseuille flow, given below:

− ( ) = 6

9. Calculate the Reynolds number for each inlet velocity and determine the corresponding regime (laminar, transitional, turbulent). Explain the differences observed on the velocity profiles obtained compared to the analytical profile.
10. Discuss any observations about the boundary layer. Discuss the effect grid refinement has on the results.

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Question 2

Task 1: Asset Management Policy, Task 2: Maintenance Techniques and Programs, Task 3: Maintenance Costs, Task 4: Maintenance Outsourcing Strategy.

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Task 1:prepare a report to the Client to advise on the most appropriate procurement route for the redevelopment project. The report should address the following issues:
1. Analysis of the key procurement issues that the Client has to consider in selecting an appropriate procurement route for the project. This should include a review of Client’s objectives for the development project as described above. Please ensure you clearly identify any assumptions that you have made.
2. A comprehensive appraisal of potential procurement routes for the project along with recommendations for an appropriate procurement route, giving reasons for choice. task 2
You are required to prepare a report to address the following pre and post contract administration issues of the above development:
a) In the case of inappropriate construction of lift shaft Contract Administrator used a new set of drawings with compliments slip as an instruction to rectify the work. Does this count as an instruction? Discuss your answer with reference to general principles and support it with reference to specific SBC/Q clause(s).
b) Detail the legitimate applications for payment of loss and expenses (claims) that Sanken contractors can make with respect to the given scenario, the main facts that can be included in the application and the contractual provisions available to substantiate the application according to the JCT SBC/Q 2011. You also have to detail and discuss (with appropriate justification) the instances where contractor wishes to submit applications for payment of loss and expenses, but still not legitimate according to JCT SBC/Q 2011; and what other alternative contractual means available to cover cost incurred (if cost is recoverable) in those instances according to JCT SBC/Q 2011 with respect to the given scenario.
c) Discuss the contractual provisions in relation to the late interim payments by the Employer.

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Write a literature review of flow battery.
This should cover…
1. The general overview of flow battery, concept, what is flow battery?
2. Schematic of how it works? If you are taking some pictures from literatures or other sources, please carry out necessary referencing.
3. Anything else that is important to know about flow battery. Please cover the main important characteristics and properties of flow battery too. Use a creative language in the review is recommended.

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Consider that number of people N willing to buy cars at a given price P varies according to the
Function. N = 5000 × 2P
Note that, for example, a person willing to buy a car at a price of $200 will also be willing to buy a car at $100 and will be included under both. This is not a function of the number of persons with the price returned as the most they will pay. : Consider that I have an asset worth $2000. There are two independent threats. The first occurs with probability 0.05 and would reduce the value of the asset to $100, while the second occurs with probability 0.01 and would completely destroy the asset. Both could occur. What would be the threshold value at which buying insurance would be “”worthwhile for both parties””? Be sure to show working.

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Need to answer questions on Descriptive Statistics, Statistical Inferences: Single Population, Statistical Inferences: Two Populations.

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Dissertation in engineering about seismic risk assessment.

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Project Description-

Conduct a 60-90 minute interview with a key manager/executive. Prepare a term research paper that will include the interview, research and personal experiences with the company. Prior to the interview a questionnaire should be developed and used as a tool to guide the discussion. You should obtain and review the company annual report. An outline should be developed to structure the organization and prepare a draft of the paper. The questionnaire may contain all of some of the following questions-

Key Interview Questions-

  • What is the company’s background, core business, product lines and magnitude of size/operations (total revenue, revenue from international operations, other…)? A great part of this can be researched prior to interview, example- annual report, company web site and other sources such as the Wall Street Journal.
  • Who are your major competitors?
  • What has attributed to the growth of the company? Has the company grown through acquisition or organically?
  • Does the company have any innovative technologies that have contributed to its growth and competitive edge? If so, can you provide an example?
  • Do you consider the company to have an innovative culture? Explain?
  • What has the company done foster innovative thinking among its employees?
  • Can you identify new product ideas that have been developed by an employee? Did these ideas result in application for intellectual property that is currently being commercialized?
  • When hiring an engineer what traits does your company consider to be the most valuable?
  • How does an employee increase their value to the company?
  • Can you identify any engineers in your company who think like entrepreneurs?
  • How does company find engineers who are innovative?
  • What does company reward employees who are innovative thinkers?
  • What advice would you have for an engineering student who is seeking to work for a company that has an innovative culture?


You are required to prepare a research paper that focuses on the corporate entrepreneurial cultural and activity of a company. You are responsible for identifying company, contact person, interview date, questionnaire, outline, draft and final document. You are required to have an understanding of the corporate culture and how it fosters corporate entrepreneurship. You may select a company from any market segment – automotive or non-automotive.

Research and Reference Source-

Based on the results of the interview, conduct research on the company and the industry if necessary. The research should be well documented and included in the reference section of your final paper.

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