Essay on Impact of Thinking Skills Teaching Training Course

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Word Count

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Educational Psychology


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Assignment Criteria

Assessment of the impact of thinking skills, teaching training course for secondary school teachers based on student classroom assessment scores.

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Assignment Solution

The impact of 'thinking skills teaching training course' for secondary school teachers based on student classroom assessment scores


Classroom teaching requires using up to date methods to deal with the students and paying a lot of attention to the students. Maintaining a record of all the students along with their achievement levels also help with the understanding of their learning curve as well as where they need help.

The better half of Saudi Arabia depends on traditional methods of assessing students. Teachers are not approachable after class. In the class the students are taught what the syllabus mandates and certain difficult doubts are cleared. There is less room for the student to approach the teacher with doubts after class or even in the class. The teachers gather very less information about the way students understand the subject except for the exams at the end of the terms. On the other hand, there are a few international schools in Saudi Arabia, which engage with the student assessment systems which need the teacher to mark the all-round activities of a student and a system of cumulative marking is used to grade the student. The teacher gets ample information about the student performance, strengths and weaknesses. The students also get to give a feedback of the teaching styles to their teachers. Hence there are two groups of teachers; one group teaches the students without any prior teacher's training and another group which teaches the student with teaching expertise. (Bank, 2008)

Purpose of the study

The education system in Saudi Arabia needs some major policy changes regarding the way student assessment is done; except for a few places where international policies are being implemented now. Proper assessment of the students is needed to know the strengths and the weaknesses of the teacher training programs. To improve the student's performance the teacher training programs need to be designed properly. A teacher also needs to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and if in any way their teaching styles can change the way students perform to the best in class. Similarly, even the teacher needs good training to be able to be successful in teaching the students.

Significance of the Study

The reason why Saudi Arabia needs a proper education system involving well trained teaching staff is that the youth of the country needs proper guidance to survive in today's world. Youth of the country needs better classroom assessmentThe purpose of this study is to understand the flaws of the Saudi Arabian education system and helping them fix the flaws in the long run. This study will also try to help Saudi Arabia build a taskforce of teachers who would help modernize the education system along with the feedback system in classroom situations.

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