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Essential Criteria For Non-Executive Director To Be Appointed To Board Assessment 1

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Assignment Criteria


Assume you are employed in a management consulting firm and have expertise as corporate governance speclallst. Your client Is a public company Iisted on the Australian Stock Exchange that has requested a one page brief (maximum 250 wordS) specifying the essential criteria for a non-executive director to be appointed to the company, board.

The client has said; Make it brief, I’m too busy to reed long document. You should follow the ideas of former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill who stated:

‘To do our work we all have read mass of papers. Nearly of them are too long. This wastes time, while energy has to be spent in looking for essential points. I ask my colleagues and their staff to see to it that their reports are shorter. The aim should be reports which set out the main points in a series of short, crisp paragraphs.’

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Assignment Solution


The Board of public listed companies in Australia comprises non-executive directors who are not the employees of the company and are advantageous due to the level of neutrality they bring in (AICD 2013). 

Essential Criteria of a Non-Executive Director for Appointment in the Board

An ideal candidate for the position of non-executive director has to possess sufficient experience, functional and industry knowledge and personality (Zattoni & Cuomo 2010).

  1. Experience

The individual should have working experience in a senior position or the Board in a listed company or regulatory bodies or academia (CPA Australia 2017). A tertiary qualification in the management field is desirable.

  1. Knowledge

The candidate should have a good understanding of corporate governance practices and the responsibilities (AICD 2013). He/She should demonstrate higher ethical standards, outstanding leadership, agent of change, innovativeness and developing strategy with the commercial implication (CPA Australia 2017). He/She should showcase strong analytical ability, persuasiveness, expressiveness and accountability. He/She has to portray individualism as well as team skills, demonstrating their ability to listen to others point of views (Cortese 2009). 

  1. Personal Competence

The candidate has to possess excellent interpersonal characteristics that are suitable for the Board of a listed company. He/She has to be committed to the company’s success through their contributions. They should have connections with the business community in the country or globally. Possession of functional skills and business acumen are considered relevant (SpencerStuart 2013). 


Thus, a non-executive director should be capable of working in a competitive industry with an all-rounded management focus and be a visionary.

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