Business Management

Evaluation Of Skills And Competencies And Development Plan

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Word Count

3000 words


Organizational Behavior


5 Days

Assignment Criteria

  • The focus of this assignment is you!
  • You are asked to: 

evaluate your skills and competencies for managing AND

plan how you could develop these skills and competencies in the future

  • This means that the assignment can be written in the 1st person (using the pronouns I, me, my, mine).
  • Essays written for a business context should have headings and sub-headings. 
  • Critical essays do not just describe. They include analysis and evaluation.
  • The building block of all essays are good paragraphs.
  • Although this essay has many sections, it must form a cohesive whole. 
  • The essay is an argument. It must persuade the reader that there is evidence behind your assessment of yourself and your plan for the future.

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Assignment Solution


Do I cooperate with other? Am I a leader? If I have these qualities, I may become a good manager. However, I need more than my ability to cooperation and leadership to be a good manager. Managing ability is determined by a number of factors. 

Management skills are not completely natural and inborn traits. But can also be developed over the course of time. This essay explains the required managerial competencies and how I will be developing the same through a framework.

Literature Review

Various researchers have proposed different meanings for the concept of an individual's assessment. One definition concerns 'the learner’s self-grading of a piece of work' (Sitzmann et al., 2010). In the current scenario, assessment is the evaluation of one's competence and performance against a competency model.

Every single managerial level in these days needs skilled employees and this need is continually expanding and the competence of management gets to be a standout amongst the most significant conditions. This is associated with different reasons such as globalization, changing nature of jobs, expanding and assorted qualities of employees available in the labor market, the movement of individuals, activities of contenders attempting to “hunt for heads” of a qualified workforce, and so on. (Zakarevicius & Zuperkien, 2008)

What are the features of management?

My first task is to identify the characteristic features of management. Some of the key features (Chand, 2015)are,

  • Goal Oriented
    • The sole aim of the management is to achieve organizational goals. The manager ensures the goals are achieved through proper allocation of functions and activities.
  • Pervasiveness
    • Management is universal and is used across all entities and across the globe
  • Multidimensional
    • Management includes the managing of work, people and operations. The work depends on the nature of the business. People are considered as the assets of an organization as efficient employees are a competitive advantage. Operations involve the business cycle and are a mixture of work and people.
  • Continuous Process
    • Management is an endless function and performed continuously
  • Group Activity
    • Management involves a group of people who undertake managerial functions. 
  • Dynamic function
    • Management is subject to changes in both external and internal environment.
  • Intangible function
    • Management operations are only felt and are experienced through the coordinated and regulated environment. 
  • Composite Process
    • Management is a series of functions that are to be conducted in a specific order.
  • Balancing
    • Management needs to create a balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

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