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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

1750 words


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Question 1: Recommendations for the recruitment process of Arup packaging Limited and Justification
Question 2: Recommendation for selection of factory workers for the European markets
Question 3: Deciding on the selection criteria basis the time, money, and the number of workers
Question 4: Incentives and benefits for attracting Factory workers

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Assignment Solution


The case study is concerned with HR issues related to talent acquisition in Arup Packaging Limited. Arup Packaging Limited is an unlisted public company in Australia and a specialised manufacturer of packaging resolutions. It operates out of four laterals that are categorised as aluminium, glass, paper, and plastic packaging. It has considered internationalising its business. The current HR issue is to hire and onboard 150 factory workers for the new European operations. While in the phase of workforce planning and getting the right talent Arup Packaging has outlined its H R focus and skillsets for the prospective human capital. Considering the trend of unemployment, the decision to attract talent has been within the age group of 18 – 24 and women. H R issues in attracting such talent have been analysed. The geographical area outlined in the Hunter region in New South Wales. Few other requirements like health –stamina, multi-skills have been decided. The top management of Arup packaging has also considered planning an attractive pay structure that would suit the prospective talent required for European operations. The discussion focuses on specific recruitment, selection, and remuneration planning for prospective factory workers.

Question 1: Recommendations for the recruitment process of Arup packaging Limited and Justification:

Arup packaging is concerned about the timeliness, cost, and hiring of 150 factory workers. An appropriate recruitment strategy should suffice the requirement of correct hiring for Arup Packaging to find the 150 factory workers within five months. The specific focus in recruitment would be on hiring factory workers basis on the two below categories:

Age Group 18 -24:

Arup packaging is concerned with hiring the 18 to 24 age groups as the category has the highest unemployment figures. 

The expected skill sets have to be outlined. The factory workers have to have high stamina, commitment to work, and ability to multi-task (Aswathappa 2014). The initial recruitment process would be to build the Aspirant pool that could help to filter the right candidates. Any excess of workers in the Australian operations could be considered for lateral movements and upskilling. Considering that factory workers would be semi-skilled modern HR. Tools which could include social platforms may be less productive. Advertisements, labour agencies, and academic institutions for the age group would help to pool outside the crowd (Callender 2011). Boards to indicate that hiring has started have to be displayed in the decided geographical location. Headhunting of prospective factory worker would help in building the pool of aspirants (Deb 2012). Display of hiring boards (with the age limit) in important places like petrol stations, shopping, and grocery marts are yet another recruitment technique. Finally, apps and social platforms should not be ignored. 

Once few aspirants reach for the positions, the aspirants could be encouraged to refer (Edenborough 2012). If the flow of Aspirants is not as expected by the second-month third party agencies could be hired to pool aspirants. 


The skillset requirement for factory workers would be in the category of unskilled to semi-skilled. The common HR Tools, like social platforms, would not be applicable. Lateral movements, referrals, signboards, Headhunting, and third party agencies would suit the skillset requirement.

Female Aspirants:

Pooling would be the initial task (Edenborough 2014). Headhunting and referral would be apt for female aspirants. Boards indicating the opportunity for women could be displayed, and finally, social platforms could contain posts. Third-party agencies would help to pool a good number of aspirants.

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