Financial Literacy For Vulnerable Women

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Assessment Type


Word Count

3000 words


Social Marketing


4 Days

Assignment Criteria

Your challenge is to develop a social marketing plan to prevent people using 'bad' credit.

Based on a target market of 18-40 year old women from low socio-economic backgrounds living in Logan City, develop a plan that harnesses low cost tactics to change behaviour. The campaign will need to incorporate some face to face or peer messaging – online tools alone won't engage the audience.

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Assignment Solution

Introduction: Social Issue, Background Purpose and Focus: 

This report is a social marketing plan for YFS company. It is a non-profit organisation which has an active presence in Logan and Queensland (Yfs, 2016)(Corporate Author, 20160. The company is an Australia-based company. Various aspects of the company have been discussed below. 

Mission: the missions of the company have been mentioned below. 

  • The company wants to provide safe and secure products and services that include services include financial counselling and capability, family support, youth engagement, housing, employment planning, mental health and disability services to the disadvantaged segment of Logan.
  • The company wants to educate the disadvantaged women of Logan to become financially stable.(Yfs, 2016)

Vision: The company has a vision of building participation and independence. They deliver the services which are formed in promoting citizenship and independence. The company champions the rights and responsibilities to the clients taking cultural, economic and social opportunities. 

Resources: The company has the necessary human resources to support their organisational objectives. The company is able to invest up to$50,000 for the social media project to make it successful.

Social Issues: The key identified social issues for this project are:

  • Increase of debt burden of the disadvantaged families of Logan.
  • Financial incapability of the disadvantaged families to support the development of their children.
  • Lack of financial literacy of the people of Logan.

Purpose Statement: The purpose of this project is to develop a social marketing plan to reach out to disadvantaged families and educating them in the various domain by providing necessary information.

Focus Statement: This project will be focused on disadvantaged women of Logan and on the need of their families.

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