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Financial Management


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Coco-Cola Amatil Company is a large bottling company in the non-alcoholic beverage segment. It is located in the Asia-Specific Region. The CCA Company is globally ranked fifth in the industry in which it operates (Co-Directing Change, 2010). The company also operates its business in six different countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and New Zealand. The total numbers of employees present in the company within the group is 13, 356. The company 270 million customers of which 74,000 are active customers (Garland, 2009). The products produced by the company are fruit juices, soft drinks, ready to eat fruit juice, milk, tea, etc. The company's main office is located in Sydney and its name has also been listed in the list of ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). The market capitalisation of the company is around A$7.6 billion and it is also listed in top-50 in ASX. The company owns 29% of its shares and has around nine members in the BOD (Board of Directors).

Part A

The principle two discusses how the board can be structured so that it is able to add value to the organisation. ASX recommends that an entity which is listed must contain appropriate board size. It also recommends that the board members should have proper skill sets and should be from diverse background (Carmona, 2014). The board members should have a very high level of commitment in order to perform their duties effectively.  In a listed entity, the board should have committee members elected through nomination. The nomination committee members should consist of at least 3 members. Out of these 3 members, the majority members should be independent directors. It should also contain a chairperson, charter of the committee and other committee members of the board. Due to any reason, if the board fail to form a nomination committee, it is the responsibility of the board to disclose the real facts about any of the issues (Corporate Governance., 2009). The board also have to ensure that the board contains the appropriate size of members along with required skill sets and diverse background. It also has to make sure that the members should have a very high level of commitment in order to perform their duties effectively. The entity which is listed should have to disclose the skills set matrix to board which is to be made by combing both diversity and skills (Garland, 2009). An entity which is listed should disclose the following things i.e. the director’s names those are considered to be independent directors by the board. It should also disclose if any of the independent directors has any vested interest in the company. It should also disclose the service period of each director in the company (Halttunen, 2014). In a listed entity, the majority of board members present in a board should be independent directors. The board chairperson should be an independent director in a listed entity with a condition that same person should not be holding a CEO position in the same listed entity. 

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