Easy 3 Step Expert Assignment Help Refund Process

What is a refund?

In order to implement a transparent process of order placement and delivery, each client who places an order with us is protected by the Refund Process, wherein based on the specific case, a student can claim for refund for one of the following reasons:
Severe change in requirements so do not want to proceed with the order anymore
Plagiarism has been detected in the solution beyond recommended limits as per Australian university standards
Do not want the solution anymore due to miscellaneous reasons
Do not want to continue taking the service anymore
Other reasons

Types of refund?
There are two types of refund – Partial Refund and Full Refund
Partial refund: Based on the specific scenario, if the expert(s) has some credibility to get some payment for the effort spent behind a typical assignment, a proportionate amount of the total order is paid to the expert and respectively a proportionate amount is paid to the client.
Full Refund: Based on the specific scenario, if due to some reason, the expert(s) has no credibility at all for all the effort or no effort spent on a specific assignment, then a full refund is issued to the client.

How to apply for a refund?
Step1: Apply for refund with all details by mail at contact@expertassignmenthelp.com. Please do mention the order code in the subject of the mail sent as Refund request.
Step2: Refund request investigation carried out by the management team. This process takes anywhere between 2 to 7 days based on the availability of the expert and the reviewer panel of experts.
Step3: Refund Dispute resolution and initialization of refund payment process. The refund process is over within a week at max and PayPal takes more 4 to 7 days for crediting the amount in the respective bank or credit card account.

How is the refund payment processed?
The refund payment is processed against the same transaction made at the time of the payment. For this the secure PayPal secure payment gateway is used. The client need not share any other critical information at the time of placing a refund request.

Refund process terms and conditions
All requirements shared by the client before the quote is delivered is applying for consideration as a genuine list of requirements for a specific order. The reason why this is important is the fact that the expert is not responsible for not meeting any requirements which were not shared on time for him/her to work. It happens many a times that students keep sharing more and more information with as on different days, even after the order has been placed. This creates miscommunication in many cases, resulting in a lower overall satisfaction level of the student.
The payment process can be initiated only within 60 days from the time of payment as beyond that PayPal does not allow processing of any refund payment process either partial or in full.

Refund will only be processed to the same payment source from which the payment was received in accordance with standard refund terms and conditions as stated by PayPal
In cases of any dispute, the decision of the management of Expert Assignment Help will be final verdict. The same can be challenged through PayPal buyer protection and the management will assist PayPal in the further investigation and will abide by the verdict of PayPal.
In case the order involves any rework, the rework policy is applicable. The rework comments should be shared with our team within 48 hours of the delivery of the assignment.

The Refund will be processed in the same currency in which the payment was made.
For the information of the client, increasing the number of installments in the refund process has no impact on the total refund amount. PayPal also refunds all transaction charges collected by PayPal at the time of placing the order.

Each policy is designed for a better communication with both the client and the expert working on the assignment. This helps us to implement a smooth solution delivery model for the benefit of all, resulting in on-time quality solution. We are open to further feedback from you to make this refund process more transparent for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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