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Goal Setting: Foundation Of A Company

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Business Management


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This assignment aims to develop students' understanding of the Internal Process management model through the integration of theory and practice. Additionally, it continues to further develop the skill of reflective practice, which students were introduced to in assignment 1. 


Students are to write a reflective essay (max 750 words) which details how one of the Internal Process Management Competencies (MCs) has been 'experienced' in the workplace. As part of this task students should clearly and accurately identify how their experience of the chosen MC is consistent with the characteristics of the Internal Process model. 

Note: students need not have direct involvement with the management competency but simply observed its development, implementation or outcome in an organisational setting.

Students with no workplace experience on which to base their essay will need to identify and interview someone who can provide the required first-hand insight. A friend or family member would be suitable for this purpose.

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Assignment Solution

Several thousand organizations and companies exist in this world. What sets one company apart from the other is the 'progress'. Progress is measured against set goals. Each company defines a vision and mission before it becomes fully operational (Calder 2014). It is believed that a company without a long-term vision is doomed to fail (Kotter 2001). This is not only true in the case of large and small organizations but also in the case of humans. Without having a goal to work towards, we would only end up working aimlessly, and all our efforts would bear little or no fruit. However, if we have well-defined goals and objectives in our mind, it not only becomes easy to map our success over some time but also helps us attain success in terms of profit and ambitions at a much faster rate. The essay highlights the role of time management during goal setting. The managerial competency of setting goals can be related well with the internal process model. Hierarchy in the organization depicts setting goals and objectives across various levels in the organization to achieve a greater vision and mission.

Time management plays a crucial role in obtaining the desired goals (Kerzner 2013). A deadline often monitors a vision. The progress made towards the attainment of the goal must be made within a stipulated timeline, lest it should be meaningless. Having a background in IT, it was important for me to understand how time affects programming ventures. In order to accomplish the same, I got in touch with a venture director who was associated with a reputed IT firm that was operational in Australia. The IT firm was extensively involved in making programs and executing IT operations for a loyal customer base.

Overseeing time, as explained by the director, is used in the corporate arena for using assets like types of gear in a viable manner. Time is treated as a major constraint, and all objectives are defined, keeping in mind specific time-frames. Achieving objectives is done through efficient time administration which is used as a means in successfully accomplishing desired goals (Borgonovo 2016). The lower, middle, as well as the senior level of management, has well-defined goals to work towards. This shows us how coordination between managerial competency of goal setting and the internal process of the hierarchy is instrumental to the progress of an organization.

For a single product advancement task to be completed, several steps are needed to be undertaken. These steps are carried out under the supervision of personnel to ensure that the coordination is such that the desired objective is met within the stipulated deadline and are completed by managers across all levels of hierarchy. While the senior management is responsible for devising strategies, the middle and lower management is responsible for implementing them. Several programmers working on the same product align their own personal objectives and goals to the greater goal of the organization in order to maximize efficiency and obtain the best possible results (Marzano 2015).

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