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Do you love geeking out over history? Does the mere thought of analysing business case studies and marketing reports get you all excited? Or are you a literature nut, lost in the hidden depths of a prose or poem? We welcome academics from all fields to share their knowledge with us.

Expert Assignment Help welcomes students, teachers, and educators alike to write to us. We are accepting all kinds of content related to academics, education or teaching techniques.

What we accept

Academic writing is not just limited to dissertations and research papers. There are all kinds of academic content formats out there you can experiment with. We believe that learning can be super fun, if only you look for it!

The following is the recommended formats of academic content we would love you to write for us.

  • Essays and report writing
  • Whitepapers
  • Journals
  • Statement of purpose (SOPs)
  • Speech narrative outlines
  • Law case studies
  • Finance/marketing reports
  • Business case studies
  • Nursing posters
  • Research proposals
  • Research papers on teaching theories
  • Literature reviews
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Resumes prepared for job interviews and student internships (with writing guidelines).

Please note that if you are submitted a paper submitted by you in the past, please share the question or requirement for the same, so that other students are able to understand the context of your solution. No more than 50 words are needed to cover the requirement in brief.

What we won’t accept

If the name wasn’t self-explanatory, Expert Assignment Help is a purely academic platform. So, if your content is educational or student-related then you’re right up our alley!

However, there is some content out there that we wouldn’t want to feature at our website. Please look at this list below and ensure that your topic doesn’t fall into either of these categories.

  • Gambling, casino and betting related content
  • Marijuana and other drug related content
  • Discriminatory content and hate speech
  • Promotional posts promoting a product or service.

Who can write for us?

Students with good grades or genuine love of the subject in any discipline can author or co-author a whitepaper / essay / journal / coursework solution. Attribution of the content will be mentioned with all the details of the student/academician. Any paper submissions made by you in the past can also be submitted for publishing here.

Research students can submit their yet-to-be pubilshed whitepapers or research papers for free and get them pubilshed after a review by one of our academic experts.

Students and professors are more than welcome to share their experiences with e-learning platforms and virtual classrooms. Educators who want to write about valuable life lessons, coping mechanisms and learning tricks can also reach out to us.

Mandatory Writing Guidelines to follow

While we believe in creative freedom and giving free reign to budding academics, there are a few guidelines you must abide by. This is to ensure that your content meets our quality standards.

Note: your content must be approved by our Review team before it gets published on the website.

  • The content must be focused on academic, education-related informative topics
  • Each submission must be original and at least be 1200 words.
  • In case of a paper submission, please add a brief requirement or the question in under 50 words.
  • Writers must maintain academic language and add proper citations wherever necessary.
  • We accept APA, MLA, Griffith, Chicago, and Harvard referencing styles for academic papers.
  • Every content must have a chronological structure – introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • We strongly recommend that you add an annotated bibliography at the end of your blog for due attribution to sources of information for your draft.
  • We request a author bio (in 50 words) to feature on the post which will include the following details – Name, University/Institute/College Name, LinkedIn profile page link, Course Name, Gravatar link and details about the author.
  • We do not charge any fee from academicians and all reference links will have no-follow attribution. You can reach out to us for sponsored guest blogging opportunities in line with Google guidelines for sponsored posts. Please reach out to us by filling up the form at the end of this page to reach out to our editorial team.
  • You cannot post your content anywhere else, once we have it on our website. If you don’t hear from us within 14-days, you’re free to submit the piece anywhere else.
  • Don’t even try to send in plagiarised papers- we’d know. All content which matches a public source on the internet will be rejeced before it reaches the editor for consideration. We mark each spam or poor submission to a disapproved list and any subsequent submissions will also be rejected. It is hence advised to make sure you follow all the requirements above before sharing your draft with us.

And that’s it, those are the rules, and we trust that you’d play by them. Looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s collaborate and create something wonderful, until then- Happy Writing! 😊

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