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Ancient history

Ancient history deals with a classical approach where students learn about the prehistoric and historic times. Our experts help students with research papers, critical essays and even PhD thesis.

Medieval history

Medieval history is when students learn about the 15th-16th century of the Western society. This is where you read about the Dark Ages, Renaissance, and other topics.

Socio-political, cultural history

With history, we learn about the socio-political and cultural context that define the events we learn about. Our experts come up with creative history assignment ideas for a holistic perspective.

Post-colonial history

Post-colonial history is the phase that discusses a time when the world was free from the imperial rule of Britain and other European nations. Students get tutoring by PhD reviews for in-depth insights.

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PhD Assignment Format in History

Detailed history topics

Our experts cover a wide range of history assignment topics. Students who are pursuing their PhD in history online would greatly benefit from Expert Assignment help.

PhD help by experts

Most of the experts on our team has PhD degrees from prestigious institutions. We cover popular history thesis topics lists from classical to contemporary events/concepts.

Manual proofreading

We also have a review team to manually proofreading and check if it matches with the history research paper guidelines given by the university.

Follow university guidelines

Clients can specify the assignment format and structure for their history paper. Check out our historical analysis examples and essays for more insights.

Citations and referencing

Citations are an integral part of any history assignment. Our Experts follow the popular Griffith referencing styles. We also add an annotated bibliography towards the end of your paper.

Rework and revisions

Our history research questions and answers is open to feedback and changes. Clients can always ask for revisions and rework. And the best part is we incorporate all the edits for free!

Common queries answered

What are the top courses I can take up in History?

You can study history courses in any of these reputed institutions offering a variety of undergraduate, honours and majors’ degrees:
1. Bachelor of Arts Degree, Melbourne University
2. Undergraduate History- Bachelor of Arts (Humanities), Curtin University
3. Undergraduate, Honours and Research Degrees at La Trobe University
4. Ancient History, The University of Queensland
5. Ancient History, University of Tasmania
6. History, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Murdoch University
7. Courses in Historical Studies, Monash University
8. Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University
9. Courses in Ancient History, University of Sydney
10. Courses in Ancient History, University of New England
11. Ancient History, The University of West Australia
12. Courses in Ancient History, Australian National University

What is the basic course overview of the History curriculum?

Students who want to pursue a career or academic course in History first have to complete their undergrad degree. Then, you can try the master’s course as well where the syllabus is more advance. Most students also aim for getting a PhD in history abroad.
Students keen to learn about the civilizations like the Greek and Roman Civilizations, Indus Valley Civilization and Mesopotamian Civilization can take up courses in Ancient History. Those keen to study the background and causes leading to the World Wars can enrol for courses in Modern History. Many History graduates go onto become teachers and academicians both at the school and university level while others may look for lucrative careers in archiving and heritage, finding rewarding jobs in libraries, galleries, and museums. You will even come across few graduates finding careers in the media, in marketing and advertising, public relations and sometimes even in politics.

How do I pursue a PhD in History online?

Students can opt for scholarship projects and fully funded History PhD programs by giving entrance texts. Our experts help students crack these exams and ensure that their application is top notch and well-structured. You can approach our experts for tutoring by PhD reviews in history

What are the top history thesis topics list you’ve covered?

In terms of relevant courses of History in Australian universities, you can read about below units
1. The French Revolution Essay
2. Australian History Literature Review
3. The World Since World War II Essay
4. The Great War 1914 to 1918 Group Study Report
5. Sexualities History Essay
6. Australia in the World 1914 to 2014 Assignment
7. Migrant Nation: Culture and Identity History Essay
8. The Holocaust & Genocide History Essay
9. A History of Violence Literature Review
10. Race in America Essay
11. Rebels and Revolutionaries History Essay
12. The First Centuries of Islam Homework
13. The Renaissance in Italy History Assignment
14. USA and the World: Empire of Liberty Essay

What are the history research paper guidelines you follow at Expert Assignment Help?

History assignments can be descriptive or analytical. You need to understand what exactly your instructor wants you to do while writing the history essay; whether he has asked you to “describe” or “summarize” or “synopsis” and depending on this, you can outline an article’s point of view or seek to describe the author’s perspective.
You must read and take notes; simply skimming through text is not enough. You have to identify the main ideas which you can elaborate upon. Following this, you can start drawing content from relevant sources like peer reviewed journals.
Each argument must be backed by solid evidence and you should be able to frame your own conclusions regarding the meaning, implications, biases, and historical significance of the topic


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