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Hotel Booking App Development Assignment

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

2500 words


IT Theory


5 Days

Assignment Criteria

Hotel Booking Application Development

The requirement is to create an app to help users book hotels online using the application. Users and business owners should be easily able to manage this app on their own without any expert assitance.

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Assignment Solution


Accor group is one of the most famous Hotel Chain where the panel is extensive in which different hotels are involved. The analysis and interpretation of business is based on the revenue the group is generating. The organization is interesting in launching and IT based system so that they may promote their business across the country. Accor Group is working in Australia as the scope of company is limited that is why the company wants to process a new application for the end customers so that the customers will be able to process their booking in hotels. The system will be implemented in different panels so that a generic solution will be provided to the hotels.

Accor Group is working in Australia as the extent of organization is constrained that is the reason the organization needs to process another application for the end clients with the goal that the clients will have the option to process their booking in lodgings. The framework will be executed in various boards with the goal that a nonexclusive arrangement will be given to the lodgings. In inns, there are finished gatherings where the assets are utilized for making the appointments physically and the information assortment and capacity is troublesome when contrasted with IT framework where the gadgets are introduced and the clients may find a workable pace how to make the best possible appointments and what might be the structure they are utilizing for that.

In hotels, there are complete receptions where the resources are used for making the bookings manually and the data collection and storage is difficult as compared to IT system where the devices are installed and the customers may get to know that how to make the proper bookings and what would be the framework they are using for that.

Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to suggest an application to Accor group which can help the organization to promote their business in an international market while it is also considered that the need of a complete application about food product delivery is necessary so that the proper integration and modeling of a core functional application can be deployed.

Scope of this Documents


This report includes the information which will be used to deploy the interface of the application in which the modelling and execution of properly integrated application can be used with the process level information and analytics. The tasks which are included in the report are listed below and explained with extensive details.

  • The details about the application which will be developed for Accor Group Hotel chain. In the details only limited information and non-technical information is described so that the basic idea about the application will be cleared.
  • The information about the target audience who will used the application in a brief way also the managerial information about the age/gender/occupation is described in the report so that the concatenation of the complete development model of the application can be described.
  • The information about the application background is also described, the problem and the proposed solution for the people is extensively explained in the report to get the proper knowledge about the benefits of application
  • The user research methods are also described so that the completion of application will be done according to the functional Interface requirements
  • A prototype of the application is shown so that the idea of interface will become clear to optimize the control level analysis for the better development model.


The exclusion of this report are listed below

  • The technical programming details are not described because the major purpose of document is to describe the complete HCI functions in which the interface should be described
  • The hardware details are not specified in the report
  • The information about the backend servers where the data of the customers will be stored is also not described.



In most of the hotels, bookings are always an issue such as the room booking, Hi Tea booking etc. .In a hotel there are several customers at a time while the booking is always an issues because the number of receptionist are limited and not be able to accommodate every user which is the reason of the of manual processing failure. The customer feedback is also less positive in that case so that a proper solution is required for that where the user's booking can be processed with the collaboration of staff members as the staff members should also be eased for making the proposed solution in which the customer will be able to get a proper quality of service. In the majority of the inns, appointments are constantly an issue, for example, the room booking, Hi Tea booking and so on. .In a lodging there are a few clients one after another while the booking is constantly an issues in light of the fact that the quantity of secretary are constrained and not have the option to suit each client which is the explanation of the of manual handling disappointment. The client criticism is likewise more negative all things considered so an appropriate arrangement is required for that where the client's reserving can be prepared with the cooperation of staff individuals as the staff individuals ought to likewise be facilitated for making the proposed arrangement in which the client will have the option to get a legitimate nature of administration.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution is listed below with extensive details

  • The customer will visit the hotel in which the tablets will be placed where the customer will interact to make the booking
  • There will be different options where the customer will place the booking for room, dinner, etc.
  • If the customer will set room option, the system will ask the customer to provide the basic details in which the completion of the booking will be done and the payment will be made
  • In case if the customer will not be able to process the booking, a staff member will be able to help out the customer.
  • Staff panel will be separated in which staff members will be able to check the booking status of different customers so that the completion of the domain level modeling should be controlled.
  • The customer will also see the message at the tablet interface if there is no space in hotel.

Targeted Audience


The targeted audience will be of age 18-60 and able to understand the smartphone/tablet technology so that they would not feel any difficulty in using the system. The collaboration and analysis should be done with the execution of the proper process level analysis to set the validated domain for better analytical information to develop the understanding with the system


There are no gender differences as every gender will be able to use the technology with different features as the hotels provide the services to every user oriented with the system. The system will only take the major details about the customer so that the booking can be made.


Smartphone/Tablet usage knowledge is necessary so that the users will be able to use the application for a brief enterprise application system where the evaluation and analysis should be done as per the data models being used in the system.

User Factors


The application usability will be functional with complete touch model where the users will be able to use the touch model of the screen for getting the feel of application. The customers will use the complete smart technology to get the integration of the booking method to develop the brief and extensive interaction with computing system implemented by Accor Group.


The vision of the application should be highly quality oriented and eye catching features should be implemented as per the concatenation of the complete development and analysis in which the integration of the application must be deployed with the successful interface usability for getting the proper customer's feedback for evaluating the system.

User research

Techniques By this technique
Interviews To get the proper knowledge about the needs of application , also the information about the core functional methods and layouts that should be used for the development of application.
Discussions at forums This discussion will provide the complete idea of user's mind so that the better analytical perspective should be controlled and deployed.
Demonstration of application The demonstration will be making the interest of the end users for the application in the context of using the proper framework of usability.


4.1 Visual Design


hotel booking app frontend layout

Room Booking

room booking screen app layout project

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