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by Bella Williams June 19, 2020

Life is a journey, but you we students require to rest in a while. That’s why we require a Home, a place where you can relax, have your own cooked food. Not just that party in the weekends too comes in the list. All it takes is to find a right home when you are away from Your Home.

Given below are a few important websites to help international students like you find student accommodation in Australia.

1.  The Pad

The pad

The Pad offers a wide range of housing options from shared apartments to shared rooms. They call these the Pad apartments or the Padrooms respectively. These Padrooms and Pad apartments are fully furnished. The weekly rent is inclusive of access to cooking facilities as well as communal spaces.

2. Student One

Student One is a premium student accommodation provider in the inner-city of Brisbane. Students can rent single or shared apartments within the city with quick access to grocery stores, cafes and events.

3. UniResort

It gives you the option of choosing between single or shared apartments. You will also be given access to resort facilities like gymnasium, swimming pool and outdoor sports like tennis and basketball courts. It is located in Southern Brisbane.

4. Brisbane Student Housing

It is the official portal and search engine for aiding international students find an accommodation in Brisbane. Whether it is single ensuite apartments that you are looking for, or multi share rooms, Brisbane Student Housing is the one-stop solution for all queries.


This is Australia’s biggest and most renowned real estate portal that gives you the opportunity to search for any type of accommodation in the desired location.



This website not only permits you to choose from, all available accommodation options across the world by checking price and availability, but also helps you book the room or apartment of your choice. You are assigned a personal booking consultant who answers your queries and also confirms your booking.

7. Urbanest


If you are seeking an accommodation in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbournes or Adelaide, Urbanest is the place for you. The website gives you access to accommodation options in locations that are situated close to social centres, transport links and Universities, taking into consideration the lifestyle of students. Their property is known for having modern rooms with study and social spaces to promote interaction with others.


The website provides student accommodation in Melbourne. Their studio apartments are fully furnished and rent is inclusive of fortnightly cleaning services as well as water and electricity bills. Other facilities like bar and restaurant, gym, sauna, swimming pool, billiards and barbeque are also readily available to help students balance between study and relaxation.


The website provides options for student accommodation in Australia. Students can search from a wide range of available options like share apartments and homestays. The website gives details about rent, number of rooms and current occupants, available facilities etc. of the property available, to help students decide whether or not to opt for it.


Life takes you to unexpected places Love Brings you Home

10.  Unilodge

It has the provision of lodges across the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland etc. and houses about 900 students currently. If you are the type of student who spends his maximum amount of time at his campus, these lodges will prove to be extremely convenient for you due to their modern and sleek infrastructure.


The website allows you to effectively search for accommodation by giving intricate details of the property available like weekly rent, area/ location of apartment, number of bedrooms etc.

12.  Australian Homestay Network


If you are looking to experience and imbibe real Australian culture, living in a homestay with an Australian family will be your best bet. This is where Australian Homestay Network comes to your aid by providing details about local hosts, pricing and location of the house and methodology on how to apply for accommodation. You can choose whether or not you wish to share your room or include your meals in the rent.

Prepare your Checklist before Starting to Search

1.     Location:


Decide on the kind of place you would wish to live in. This should be based on factors like affordability and personal preference. For example, would you prefer living in the suburbs or the city? If you intend to save transportation costs, you would ideally look for a place to stay near the University. Hence, shortlist at least two options based on your preferences.


2.     Type of accommodation:

Since there are several options of accommodation to choose from, the next step is to choose which type of accommodation would be your choice. But even before doing that, decide whether you want a single accommodation or a shared one, after which, you could choose from the below mentioned options.


3.     Affordability:


The most important factor in choosing an accommodation is your budget. Seek answers to the following questions:


4.     In case of Share housing, who do you wish to share accommodation with?


Questions Students should ask when Comparing Properties


1.     General Questions


2.     Rent


3.     Important Documents

4.     Household Responsibilities/ Rules


5.     Miscellaneous Facilities

Electricity, gas and water

TV and Internet



Shared use items


As a Student you might wonder it is really a pain to search for a correct accommodation however, at the end of a day when you return from college or your part-time work you would love to take rest in your cosy bed, have some coffee & chat with your friends or neighbours. It feels Great!!

So I hope you have something to take away from this page after going through it. Just remember

Home is Where Your Story Begins

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