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by Admin Support October 28, 2015

How To Plan Your Assignment?

Planning your assignment – Approach to writing an A+ grade assignment

Planning your assignment is one of the essential steps for getting a good grade in assignments. Planning your writing also helps you to think the matter more clearly. Usually, planning of writing needs a set of good notes that you have taken on the targeted text. On the other hand, once you have a meticulously laid down plan, the job of structuring the assignment becomes really easy and you can save lots of time in proofreading and editing. A proper planning process, eventually, streamlines the entire assignment solving process and thus help you manage time effectively for assignments. It is imperative that throughout this planning process, you should ask yourself “what do I need to do to answer the question effectively?”, rather than asking “which quotes or pieces of information do I need to incorporate?”.

When should you draft the plan?

Ideally, as soon as you get the assignment, you should initiate the process of planning. This will provide you with an ample amount of time to refine the planning process and will also help you avoid excessive workload as the deadline approaches.

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Types of planning: There are several methods that you can follow to structure the planning process. Concept map, outlines and a list will be discussed.

Concept Map: Generally spider chart or mind map is considered as different types of concept map format that you can use to manage your thoughts. You can try out making a spider chart in excel as that is quite efficient and easy. The initial process of making these concept diagrams start with the step of jotting down the main idea in the center of the page. Then think about other directly related ideas and how you can connect all of these in a logical manner. Mind mapping is a particular way of consolidating ideas and you should familiar with how to create mind maps to make use of this tool to the fullest. You can take help of various free as well as paid software packages (e.g. Inspiration, Mind Manager) to help you create mind maps.

Outlines and Lists: Outlines or lists help you see how ideas follow from each other. At times, outlines can be considered as the written form of the diagram you prepared as the concept map. Thus, most of the mapping the programs allow you to view your plans in the outline as well as in the diagrams. The following steps can be followed to make an outline.

  • First pay attention to your research notes.
  • Then, try to conceptualize how these notes can be brought together under a few sections of the paper. Primarily, a paper is consisted of three sections, introduction, body, and conclusion. You should be completely clear about what should be included in what sections?
    • It is often useful to think about the body first and then focus on the introduction and conclusion. That generally helps you to maintain coherency in the article throughout.
    • It is quite likely that you will find that two or more questions about your research will come under the same heading in your plan. No need to panic, rather you should then try to think of a common heading that will summarize all the different questions.

As you are going through the writing process, don’t forget to include adequate links between ideas in all levels (between sentences, between paragraphs and between sections) and stitch them together. This ensures that the writing becomes lively to your reader. Sharpen your skill in paragraph planning to help you impress your reader. Get familiar with other steps of completing your assignments to highly impress your professor.

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