Human Resource

Constructive Relations at Top Trucking Company

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

2000 words


Human Resource Management


4 Days

Assignment Criteria

Analyse the HR Case Study on Constructive Relations at Top Trucking Company and prepare a report on the same.

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Assignment Solution


The report is going to discuss the Human Resource Management implications and application through a detail analysis of the case study of a 'Constructive relation at top trucking company'. Human resource management is a process that help organisation collate all its resources and channelizing in a productive direction. This project will try to evaluate the importance of HR management in a challenging organisation, the practices, models and theories applied in similar situations. The analysis will further discuss the literature review derived from various journals, reports, books etc available to gather in-depth information about the different practices of Human resource management, behaviour and laws of labour as well as transport workers union. It will further critically evaluate the case study and shall discuss the issues derived from the same. Eventually the report will highlight the workplace practices introduced by the management to increase productivity and coordination between the manager and workers; the key role played by the new manager and risk associated with his movement and the union acceptability as well as adaptability to such changes in public or service sector. In the end we will summarisethe report with the key points derived during the analysis .

Role of Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a technique used by organisation where the most important resource i.e. human capital is carefully managed, sourced and allocated to the required area . The HR management in the trucking company as per the case study was in its transition phase. The Wollongong yard of the company was much popular and a higher performer in its area with a difficult manager. Within the region the yard was getting much appreciation and the most important contributor for its high performance was their union delegate George Psaros. He has been a witness to the transition phase of the company and given his support to both the management as well as the union workers. Though the company was quite known but it was also a difficult place to work because of the manager who was demanding, autocratic as well as dominating. The management was unwilling to fund the company's infrastructure and so it was finally taken over by a big national transport group.

The company under the old management were facing many challenges with respect to the manager's attitude which was commanding and unwilling to accept other point of view; the drivers were reluctant to change resulting to lack of management participation as well as contribution to bring changes.

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