Human Resource

Appropriate use of power in the workplace

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

1500 words


Business Management Reflective writing


4 Days

Assignment Criteria

Drawing on your own personal experience, write a mini case-study (max 1500 words) on one of the following OB-related topics:

  • When Teamwork failed to meet its objective
  • The appropriate use of power in the workplace
  • Organizational Change

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Assignment Solution

'Is power created to form impression or it is designated to attain a result oriented approach' ….

John kept thinking about it all day before joining for his new assignment in his dream organization Oracle after many years of hard work. He's read a lot about the organizations using different kinds of power with employees sometimes to create leadership among their employees, motivate them with complete autonomy and designate authority to exercise their command to achieve results. Also, there were many organizations that had seen a bad scenario using power in an unhealthy way resulting to misleading guidance and loss to its reputation.

Is the power used in the organizations, mainly to command people with a set of guidelines that would direct them to perform tasks assigned to them in order to achieve objectives as per timelines? Is it a systematic use of authority to delegate work to people after having an understanding of the capabilities and potential for each individual? …This wondered him all the more as the days of joining the company came close by. On the first day of his orientation, he was introduced to the company's senior officials, his co-workers, his team mates as well as to a road map of company's future growth with respect to its past performance. He was warmly welcome by everyone in his team and was later assigned a challenging task as his first assignment. He was proud of the fact that his team leader was rated as the best professional expert in the industry who knew every small detailing of his expertise field by the management(Barksdale, 2008). Days passed and he got into the system quite well and after spending six months of probation in the company he understood the meaning of power to some extent. Though his work was done as per required parameters, but he has still not been able to understand his senior expectation accurately and has been unable to impress him with his presentations. Somewhere, something was missing and it was making him difficult to confront his superior all the more.

Power creates a dynamic relationship of the organization with the employees working for it and creates a connection between the leader and his follower channeled through communication, cooperation and commitment(Baldoni, 2004). He learnt that power in the work place can exist due to the structure or organisation's system to influence people as well as control behaviour. It is the power that reflects the organization and individual beliefs and behaviour for their leader or employees working for them. There are different forms of relationship that exists in the organization such as manager to employee, employee to employee and manager to manager. In the manager to employee relationship, the use of power is extremely critical as well as crucial as it is the communication and interaction between the two drives the smoother work flow. In this relationship communication behaves as a medium to transit and command power in…..

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