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Integrated Marketing Communications


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Collect 1 observation about each of the IMC management decision areas discussed in the unit.

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Integrated Marketing Communication is not a very old but very powerful and popular concept nowadays in the field of marketing. The motive of IMC tools is to ensure that all the different channels of communication, communicate the same objective of an organization and that the message sent through them are well synchronized. By aligning communication to the objectives of an organization properly, IMC accelerate gaining of the expected returns. IMC tools thus integrate various marketing tools such as print media, advertising, sales campaign, PR campaigns, direct marketing, etc. to ensure similarity in communicated messages and enabling it to reach the targeted audience. It helps basically creating a strong and clear impression of the brand in question (Belch, 2014). The more vibrant the marketing, the stronger is the brand perception. But IMC tools ensure that there is uniformity in the brand image displayed through various medium communicate the very same impression and picture.


Article 1 talks about the Integrated Marketing Communication campaign of Coca-Cola in India post-1993. Coca-Cola was asked by the Indian government to leave the country due to investment violation in 1977. However, it re-entered the Indian market in 1993 and today is one of the strongest players in soft drinks industry of the country. The Promotional mix of Coca-Cola makes use of several IMC tools. It includes mediums such as advertising; direct marketing, interactive or Internet marketing, sales promotion, public relations campaign and personal selling. In the field of advertising, Coca-Cola uses aggressive marketing and mostly national marketing (Hassan, 2014, p. 45). The slogans propagated by the company have gained nationwide popularity. Coca-Cola also made use of famous Bollywood film stars to reach to the general masses. The company also made use of the print media in the form of poster and stickers, being displayed in the stores selling Coca-Cola products. The company also promoted its brand by making use of TV commercials. The commercials mostly were done by famous film stars to gain better brand image. The commercials were designed differently for urban and rural masses. Coca-Cola made use of outdoor advertising by using billboards and hoardings in public places, buses, and railway stations. Coca-Cola also uses direct marketing in several ways. One of the popular and productive ways is partnerships with restaurants, movie theaters, multiplexes etc. To ensure effective branding through online sources, Coca-Cola also uses social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter and websites like YouTube.

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