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Implementing Change Management

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Word Count

2500-3000 words


Health Services Management


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

You have been asked to oversee a major change management process in your organisation (fact or fictional). Write an essay of about 2500-3000 words outlining how you would manage this change.  In your essay you must address the following key points:

  • Outline the change that is going to take place;
  • What approach you will take in managing the change;
  • What are the key elements that you will have to manage during the change process?
  • What approaches will you use to measure the success of the change process?
  • What will be your approach to incorporating the learnings from the change process into future change management activities?

Submission: You are required to submit this essay via SafeAssign:

  • There are two submission points for this: The DRAFT submission point is for you to submit a draft essay. You will receive a text matching report. Consider the report very carefully, review your essay, then submit the final using the FINAL submissin point. (Note: assignments submitted via email or any other method will not be accepted.

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Assignment Solution


Change management refers to the process of transitioning teams, organisations and individuals for effective utilisation of resources or inculcation of new operational processes for increasing the productivity of an organisation.  Change management may pertain to specific individuals or to the entire organisation. It reflects the impact of a change/organisational transition on individuals or teams within an organisation.  Change management focuses on various disciplines like behavioural sciences, social sciences, information technology and business processes(Marquis &Tilcsik, 2013)

Healthcare organisations are witnessing rapid changes during the past two decades. The major changes include the implementation of health information systems and execution of evidence-based practice in clinical settings. Such changes are mandated for ensuring safe and quality healthcare in patients. Most healthcare organisations are implementing a Total Quality Management (TQM) process to ensure effective implementation of changes. Moreover, TQM also measures the impact of planned changes on healthcare professionals, healthcare consumers and the organisation at large (Neumar et al., 2015).  

The present essay focuses on a change management process for ensuring evidence-based care in a cardiac care unit of a reputed tertiary healthcare organisation. The healthcare organisation is situated in New South Wales, Australia. The tertiary care centre is famous for its cardiac care facilities and attracts clients from Tasmania, New Zealand and different parts of Australia. The cardiac care unit is a 40 bedded facility with an average daily occupancy of 100%.  The change management process addressed the issue of ensuring effective CPR in heart failure patients.  

Scenario Appraisal: Foundation for Change

Nursing is a challenging profession as nurses have to ensure safe and quality healthcare in their patients. Evidence-based practice is highly mandated for ensuring positive health outcomes in patients. However, it is commonly witnessed that evidence-based practice is not appropriately implemented across healthcare settings. Healthcare professionals depend mostly on their academic and experiential knowledge while extending healthcare t their patients. However, such knowledge is often inadequate and obsolete. Hence, healthcare professionals should adopt advanced knowledge and skills for ensuring positive health outcomes in patients (Spring & Neville, 2014). 

Evidence-based practice (EBP) helps to ensure appropriate knowledge and skills within a healthcare professional (Spring & Neville, 2014). However, there are different barriers to implementing evidence-based practise (Patterson-Silver Wolf, Dulmus, &Maguin, 2012). The barriers and apprehensions are related to critiquing/recognising a piece of evidence based on its viability and reliability (Berke et al., 2011). Moreover, the concerned stakeholders might not have the requisite skills or training for implementing evidence-based practice in clinical settings.  Hence, leaders of any organisation/business unit should address the barriers and apprehensions of employees before endorsing EBP in clinical settings.

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