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by Bella Williams June 17, 2020

One of my favourite quotes is, “Life is a beautiful mystery” -Unknown. I adore this quote so much because it’s relevant to almost every breathing soul. Growing up in a family of 6, moving in the Summer before my Freshman year of high school, and just growing up in general.. lead me to discover that we have little knowledge of how life will go, it’s a “beautiful mystery.”  Living in a beautiful mystery is one of the wonders of life that motivates, intrigues, and helps me pursue my passions.

This value of life and opportunities I’ve had so far are only the beginning of my values as a human being. Being the devoted, selfless person that I’ve become, led me to believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I think learning this passion, was the best childhood influence I could’ve gotten.

Not only from my parents’ encouragement, but with the community around me. While moving was tough, everyone was there to guide me, including me. Accomplishing so much, I stepped out of my “comfort zone”, used the resources available to me, and made lifelong plans of challenging commitments.


Having the power to help others, and give love to those in need


I currently am carrying 4 part-time jobs, completing high school with a GPA of 3.7, sticking to extracurricular activities, completing community service hours (National Honors Society hours included), graduating with Magna Cum Laude credit with High Honors, and I currently finished my enrollment at MATC to complete my Certified Nursing Assistant course (which was 120 hours total- 50 hours lecture, 30 hours in a lab setting, and 40 hours in clinical settings). Some may say my life gets a little crazy, but I would say I’m just getting started. My ambition overrules any hesitation.

Throughout my schooling years, I’ve taken many classes that lead me to my decision of pursuing a career in the health field. I’ve taken Health 1 and 2, Biology, Ap Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Ap Psychology, Health Science Occupations, and have completed my Certified Nursing Assistant course which allowed me to contribute 40 hours at the UW-Madison Hospital in the Cardiac Unit. While taking these courses, I knew my profession was to help people. Working in the hospital in the Cardiac Unit made everything fit into place. I loved everything about the atmosphere and the pleasure it brought.

I don’t think anything has ever touched my heart as much as that opportunity did. Seeing my patients light up when I walked in the room, and just knowing that my presence was appreciated and wanted, and my love and work could go towards something meaningful, meant the world. This is when I knew where my dedication needed to be directed. After some thought, I thought of becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Oral Surgeon, or maybe even a Nurse.

There were so many possibilities, there still are. Being accepted into Marquette University allowed my heart to set on Oral Surgery. While in my future I intend to put my skills towards their Pre-Dental Scholars Program, I know if for some reason it doesn’t work out, I have many other options to choose from. Having the power to help others, and give love to those in need is what I plan to do, pursue, and provide as I take my steps into adulthood.

While Marquette University is anything but cheap, any scholarships I am eligible for will help me in numerous ways! I plan on attending for 12 years, majoring in biomedical sciences to become an oral surgeon. Knowing my determination and willingness to pursue dreams, I know I will make the best of my college education and never take a single second for granted. Although with the education comes the price tag, so I suppose my financial need is rather great, I believe I am more than qualified for this scholarship.

Throughout my years of High School, I’ve been a part of many clubs and organizations. Some include, National Honors Society, Band (4+ years), Soccer (4+ years), Pep band (2 years), Above the Influence, HOSA, taken my Certified Nursing Assistant Course, took part in many church events including confirmation and retreats to Camp Grey and mission trips. I’ve taken many computer/IT classes which have certified me in Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. During my entire High School career, I’ve been on the high honours roll, taken numerous dual credit courses, received many attendances, responsibility, intelligent, and time management awards.

I’ve always been one to help, so I took part in peer tutoring, and ending my Summer a little short to come to school early to give a speech to the incoming Freshman class about the new building they’re entering, as well as help them in the library to find their books, classes, etc. Not only am I involved in extracurricular activities, but I work when I can! I currently have 4 jobs, I work at our local Subway, Little Caesar’s, and Sunlife Tanning Salon part-time, as well as nanny in the summer 30+ in a week! I like to keep busy, and travel when I can! Family means a lot to me, so juggling school, MATC classes (like my CNA class), work and home life was a blessing I learned early in the game.


Having the power to help others, and give love to those in need


Being a part of National Honors Society, allowed me to express my gratitude towards my community and peers through volunteering my time. From this, I’ve completed over 25 hours of service for my school, for example by coming to school a day early, to help our library in helping the freshman class find their books and their way around the new building.

On top of this, I’ve babysat numerous times for many families across Wisconsin, with many different children with no pay to give back to the community. One big stepping stone for me was getting in touch and travelling with the Waunakee First Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, California to help and work with people less fortunate than myself.

While we were there for a week, the 2 most satisfying pieces of work we did were, feed the homeless and sick on Skid Row and played with children who were in hiding at a facility they were kept at, to keep them away from their abusive parents. Both of these roles allowed me to make connections with so many people. Learning their names, finding their interests, listening to their stories, as well as letting them know they are supported and loved made all the difference.

Doing these volunteer opportunities allowed me to find a goal in life, to help. The one on one time spent playing soccer with children in the dirt, learning about their culture is only one aspect of what volunteering has to offer. Mission trips and travelling are in my future, I plan to study abroad for my health career study to help people in need.

Helping others is my passion, I love waking up knowing I have the power to help someone in more ways than just medicine. If you asked anyone who knows me, they would tell you how extroverted I am. Moving to a new school, and not knowing a soul, has shown me what loneliness is. Ever since, I’ve made it my mission to always make people feel included, invited, and loved.

Now, I have many extravagant friends, all from different crowds, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being the “new kid” has allowed me to “put myself in other’s’ shoes.” It’s hard to empathize with others when you haven’t been put in that position. Although, I’ve had the honour to know, to feel, and now to be a friend to those who need one. Whether it’s just for a day, a week, or lifelong. That’s the type of person I’ve become, I am, and am proud of.

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