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Information Management And IT Architecture Assignment

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Assessment Type


Word Count

2500 words


Information Technology


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Question 1 [3 marks]:
Define and explain the following terminologies: Business intelligence (BI);
IT Agility;
SWOT analysis; Strategic planning; Enterprise architecture;
Management information systems
Cloud-based infrastructure
Data mining; DMS;
Collaborative infrastructure

Question 2 [1 mark]:

Define Web2 and explain its benefits for business

Question 3 [1 mark]:

What Ecommerce? outline its benefit and disadvantages. Explain your answer.

Question 4 [5 marks]:

Study “Cloud Pro Leverages iPad's touch: Benefits Start-Ups” in your text book [Chapter 2, IT at
Work 2.4] and answer the following questions:

Consider this statement: Cloud computing is about the flexible delivery of services at the point of need. Explain how Cloud Pro offers flexible delivery of network management (the service). Explain how it offers that service to network admins at the point of need (e.g., while on vacation or away from the office).

Discuss one benefit and one disadvantage of Cloud Pro for network admins.

Search and view a video demo of Rackspace's Cloud Pro for the iPad. Does the app have amazing features, as Mike Mayo described?

Question 5 [5 marks]:

Study “Are There Places Not to Use Analytics?” in your text book [Chapter 3, IT at Work 3.3] and answer the following questions:

In your opinion, who might benefit from Seed and what are those benefits?

To what extent, if any, do you agree about the concern for reporting integrity? To what extent, if any, do you agree about the concern for reporting quality?
Do you detect other new media organizations following a similar strategy to attract readers—and remain in business? Identify those organizations and their similarity to AOL's use of Seed.

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Assignment Solution

Q1. Define and explain the following terminologies:

  • Business Intelligence (BI):  The term 'Business Intelligence' was initially coined by Sir Richard Millar Devens that signifies to business strategy development equipment associated with the transformation and storage of raw data set in form of useful information. Various database and software are innovated for effective application of business intelligence. The primary objective of this business tool is to deliver important information that is essential with respect to the decision-making process in a particular business (Williams, 2007). 
  • IT Agility:  The term 'IT Agility' reflects the efficacy or the capability to incorporate the information technology processes for the growth and development of a business. This concept finds its use in delivering an efficient response to the external probabilities or vulnerabilities with respect to a business environment. On an illustrative note, this process may be considered in order to evaluate the varying infrastructural facilities in parity with the stimuli provided by the business market (Hugos, 2009). 
  • SWOT analysis: This particular business management tool was first conceptualized by Sir Albert Humphrey that is connected with quantification and or evaluation of a particular business process. The SWOT analysis is also known as the SWOT matrix is applied by the management experts of business organizations in order to analyze the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats with respect to the development of a business. Therefore, this matrix is associated with the evaluation of both the external and internal parameters that are connected with a business. One of the main applications of this matrix is to help in the development of business strategies (Fine, 2014). 
  •  Strategic Planning: Considering a business organization the process that is involved with designing business activities with major concern towards decision making, profits, productivity, and strengthening of operational activities is regarded as strategic planning process (May, 2010)
  • Enterprise Architecture:   This particular terminology represents the skeletal framework of a business organization in terms of operations management. Enterprise architecture finds its application in analyzing the processes by which a particular organization achieves prosperity and success with respect to business growth and development (Handley, 2008). 
  • Management information systems: Management information system abbreviated as MIS is a computer-aided system that serves as a database of financial information that is represented in such a format which further reproduces business operation details that are implemented for business management purpose (Sarngadharan, 2010).
  • Cloud-based infrastructure: This computer-generated model enables the accessibility of important business information resources to the users in form of a shared approach. This also provides storage of important dataset (Sosinsky, 2011). 

Data mining: This particular analytic tool is associated with the exploration or searching of relevant data set that are useful for a business process. Spatial, temporal, sensor, visual data mining is certain types of data mining (Perner, 2009).

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