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Information Security Mapping Case Study

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

2000 words


Information Security


3 Days

Assignment Criteria


Jack Doe is the Community Liaison Officer for 3D Media Comm. Ltd based in Perth, Western Australia. 3D Media Comm. Ltd is an inventive company developing and selling social media marketing to small businesses. The design and production of all products is handled electronically, directly with each business. 3D Media Comm. Ltd currently has 40% of the market in WA, with the remaining 50% held by much larger advertising agencies, and the final 10% by those developing mobile apps for social media marketing. Jack spends half of his day on the road in the Perth metro area visiting small businesses who may wish to purchase and social media marketing into their existing marketing activities. Consequently, Jack carries a laptop, smart phone and Surface Pro 4 with him everywhere he goes. The laptop encompasses an Intel i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, and is running Windows 10 Professional with the last Windows update applied towards the end of January, 2015. When in the office Jack connects his laptop and Surface Pro to the company network.  

Jack predominantly uses Microsoft Office Professional 2013 for all his business needs. 

Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel contain the information for all clients within Western Australia, as well as client confidential business and financial information. Jack is not well informed about information security although he uses computing technology to support his job. As a result Jack does not use third party firewalls, anti-virus software, encryption, or authentication mechanisms.  

While on the road, Jack occasionally leaves his laptop in the car. He also frequently visits Internet cafes for lunch where he utilises the Internet for up to an hour each day. The confidentiality of information is important as any disclosure could cause significant embarrassment to him and the company, as well as impact client privacy and confidence. Also, Jack must provide correct, factual information to all clients hence ensuring the integrity of information is vital. Lastly, should any information not be available when needed, this may result in clients taking their business to the new to market competitor. 


Utilising the background information, draw a concept map or annotated attack tree which represents the context of Jack's 3D Media Comm. Ltd work environment and also demonstrates: 

  • the links the data Jack  uses and keeps, and the aims of security (CIA) –i.e. what information needs protecting, why and what aspect of CIA does this related to?; 
  • the associated attacks which could breach each of these aims in this scenario;  
  • the likelihood (risk) that any attack in this scenario poses; 
  • the impact each attack may have; 
  • the resultant countermeasures which could be applied in this scenario; the relative cost of each countermeasure; and the mitigation effect of the countermeasure.  

*** All content MUST align with the scenario given and not just be provide in general security terms *** 

All of the attacks that you present must be feasible, capable of being undertaken by one person, and require limited financial support. An in-text reference supporting the attack and countermeasure should be included within each of the concepts

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Assignment Solution

1. Introduction

Information security breaches occur due to vulnerabilities present in the information system (Siponen, Mahmood, & Pahnila, 2014).  These vulnerabilities are weak points in the system requirements, design and implementation which assist attackers to illegally compromise the system. A survey among information technology managers has revealed that human agents are the fragile linkage for information security and the main challenge is creating organisational awareness to ensure success in the initiatives (Hu, Dinev, Hart, & Cooke, 2012). This report identified the various threats faced by 3D Media Comm. Ltd, through the day-to-day activities of Jack Doe, the Community Liasion Officer.

Based on the available details, it is assumed that Jack Doe uses the following hardware and software components are which are subject to vulnerabilities.


  • Laptop with Intel i5 CPU, 8GB RAM – Lenovo ThinkPad X260
  • Smart Phone – Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Surface Pro 4


  • Operating System – Windows 10 Professional 2013
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2013
  • Social Media App-Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and  Google Plus

Access of Networks

  • Company Networks – LAN
  • Client Networks – Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Internet Café – Wi-Fi

Jack's Knowledge about Computing

  • Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel are used to store and access client information (business and financial) in Western Australia

Jack's Knowledge about Information Security

  • He is not aware of information security
  • He is not using any third-party firewalls, anti-virus software, encryption, or authentication mechanisms

It is observed that there is a need for information security due to client privacy and competitive position. A breach of client information is against confidentiality policies and causes a setback for the company. The design and production of social media marketing products are carried out electronically, and any leaks would result in intellectual property issues. As 3D Media Comm holds 40% of market share in WA against its competitors, any information leak would offset its competitive position.

This report uses an attack tree to identify the vulnerabilities present in Jack Doe's activities. An attack tree is used to determine and analyse potential threats through a hierarchical structure which decomposes an abstract attack to more concrete attack steps (Karabey & Baykal, 2013). The report includes a concept map followed by a description of the information system links to CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability), associated attacks and its impact, risk arising from the expected attack, countermeasures and cost required to resolve it.

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