Intercultural Communication And Negotiation Skills

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Intercultural Communication


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Assignment Criteria

You need to analyse the assigned case in the context of cultural differences. This includes identifying intercultural communication problems and relating them to theories/models covered in lectures. Based on existing literature, provide recommendations on how these problems can be overcome.

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Assignment Solution

Assignment: Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills

1.0 Introduction: The present day global scenario has changed significantly with vast expansion and advancement in the business world. As noted clearly most of the big business groups has already initiated cross country trade the pattern of professional communication has changed. Due to the globalization effect on business and trade the emergence of intercultural communication process is evident. Trading in various countries has significantly created a mix among the various ethnic groups of people. In this regard, it is essential to understand that the business groups have adopted certain strategies to effective deal with the intercommunication process (Cathcart, 2008). In this context the role of the business management group is also noteworthy wherein the business managers are given sincere effort to effective execute the issue related with intercommunication process among the working population (Berger, 2010). Additionally it is also needed to be emphasized that failure or improper management with respect to communication within the diverse ethnic group of employees may in turn lead to a major setback in the business performance of the concerned organization. 

2.0 Identification of the problem: 

An insight in to the particular case helps in understanding the major issues associated with the intercommunication matter and business negotiation. As observed from the concerned case few problems surfaced during the initiation of international trading practice by an American shoe manufacturing organization. 

2.1 Intercultural issue: Highlighting the intercultural issue it was observed that the members of the American Shoe Company faced inconvenient during the conversation process with the Chinese people. Apart from this Mr. Brown after receiving warm welcome from the Chinese company owners was confused regarding how to reciprocate the gestures attained (Chaney, 2007). 

2.2 Intercultural verbal issue:  Understanding the Chinese language was the major issue in this regard wherein the business heads of the company found it difficult to communicate with each other and hence could not proceed with the business proposal (Jackson, 2012). 

2.3 Intercultural non-verbal communication issue: In this context it is observed that during the execution of business meeting between Mr. Brown and Mr. Deng the former person was observed to gasp the forearm of the latter which was an informal gesture for the Americans.

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