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Report: International staffing report

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  3. evidence of how well you understand the factors involved in the international staffing decision
  4. the professional presentation of your report (style and format).

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With the advent of globalization, the process of international staffing by various consultancies as well as human resource firms have deliberately taken an upper hand in matching the right professional to the right company. The international human resource industry has observed a huge boost in the staffing of both temporary as well as permanent employees. There is a direct relationship between globalization and the growth of international staffing consultancies. With the increasing instability in the global market, there is more employment created in the economy. With more creation of employment in the economy, international staffing firms have set up a higher establishment level (Farndale, et al., 2010). The services of Human Resource sector that are involved in international staffing also have a positive correlation with GDP of the countries into which they are exporting their human resource to and a negative correlation with the unemployment rate in the economy. 

Recently, there are many multinational companies that spread their companies to other countries. The Australian company BlueScope steel is expanding in the China market. The question is that whether an Australian official or a local Chinese manager should be appointed to manage the mills in China. China is considered to be one of the most attractive places to invest, but some problems are related to the expatriation in China (Kühlmann & Hutchings, 2010). Therefore, in this report, it has been pointed to the benefits and problems of assigning an Australian official or a Chinese manager for the Steel mill in China. 

International Staffing

International staffing came into account when the Multinational companies expand their business to various other countries and business in those countries requires managers and other staffs. The export of staffs to foreign countries is known as International Staffing. When the parent country outsources their staffs to the foreign market, this international staffing is known as expatriates (Cavusgil, et al., 2014). This is one of the most dominantly used forms of International Staffing by most of the Multinational Companies. BlueScope Steel is also a Multinational enterprise which is extending its business in China and has to decide on International Staffing. The decision is whether the manager of the Chinese mill should be a manager from Australia or a local Chinese manager. The complex learning mechanism is attached to International staffing. When employees are outsourced to subsidiary outlets in other countries, employees are benefitted with the International cultures and learning of various things those going on into those countries. 

Factors affecting International Staffing

There are various instances in which it has been seen that there are various factors that adversely affect International Staffing. It is difficult for the employees that are being transferred to a foreign country in adapting the culture prevailing in that country. There are family concerns for the employees that are supposed to be transferred to the foreign subsidiary. The family members are very reluctant about the shift of their family member and sometimes are not very supportive. In such cases, there is a mental dilemma as to what they should do. There are also factors related to the security of them in the country to which they are being transferred to (Kühlmann & Hutchings, 2010). Along with these factors, one of the major factors that all employees are concerned about is the concern of their career. If their career is not on the upward trend, then the employees have no incentive to move to subsidiary countries. 

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