Introduction To Academic Writing And Research

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Introduction To Academic Writing And Research

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Academic writing & Research


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Write a Differences between Critical and Creative Thinking and Its Use to Overcome Plagiarism?

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One of the unethical practices to impact academic integrity is plagiarism. The extent of plagiarism undermines the actual contribution of a student’s writing to the development of a knowledge base. It happens with the usage of other person’s ideas and work, lack of acknowledgement and deceitfulness. Educational institutions adopt various interventions measures to ensure integrity in the written assessment tasks of their students. This essay explores how the development of critical and creating thinking skills would assist students in avoiding plagiarism. Critical thinking is influenced by a student’s reasoning ability, whereas intuition influences creative thinking. Though both are different constructs, in education both have to be combined as students require to solve an issue both creatively and critically. Apart from skill-based interventions, improving a student's authorial identity is essential to improve authorship. It assists students to take full control over their academic writing process and ensure that they are able to identify and prevent plagiarism.

Education has begun to concentrate on skills development and knowledge as well as the ability to think creatively and critically, as these skills is expected to influence long-term learning and personal development. Creative and critical thinking is significant as there is a need for instruction and reasoning in thinking. Experts state that critical thinking is essential to judge the outcomes of creative thinking. Though both are considered complementary, both skills assist students in independency and learning abilities. To avoid plagiarism, students are advised to combine both creative and critical thinking as it enhances student's ability to generate ideas and arguments, question and justify the arguments.

In education, creative thinking should be taught for problem-solving and personal intelligence which depend on an individual’s creativity. Critical thinking is also necessary for education as it helps students to evaluate different information available across different sources. These thinking skills assist them in contributing to new ideas rather than the reproduction of other’s ideas. Though the analytical ability of critical thinking and intuitive capacity of creative thinking are segregated, a combination of both is important for students to develop their reading and writing abilities to become adaptable to the workplace.

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